When you connect your camera with your phone it will notify you when new firmware updates are available for the Xiaomi Yi.
If you want to update the firmware with your computer, follow this tutorial.


I also did tutorials for:

Firmware update with iOS App

Firmware update with Android App

Video Tutorial:


Follow these steps to update your camera’s firmware:

  • Insert your microSD card into your PC or Mac (at least 16 GB & class 10)
  • Make sure it is in FAT32 format and format it if necessary
  • Download the firmware from their website:


Xiaomi Yi Website

Xiaomi Yi Website


  • Enter your camera’s serial number and press the blue button, then a red download button will appear.
  • Click the red button and download the firmware
  • Rename the firmware to -> firmware.bin
rename file

rename file


  • Copy the file to the root of the microSD card
  • Insert the microSD card into your Xiaomi Yi camera (caution: Be sure the camera is fully charged!)
  • Turn on your camera
  • Now it will start beeping like crazy for some time (let it beep)
    (In my case it took about 1 min.)
  • The camera will automatically turn off (caution: Be patient and wait for the camera to turn off. Don’t do it manually!)
  • Remove the card and check on your computer if the firmware file is on the microSD card. Delete it if it is still there!
  • Put the card back in the camera and have fun shooting your videos!


Why do you want to update your firmware? Because of some new features! (here is a small selection)

  • A/V out via USB (for you FPV)
  • image/video rotation (for upside-down mounting)
  • Emergency file automatic backup
  • Fixed charging light
  • Adjusted wifi function to achieve more stable connectivity
  • Power LED flashing during video/photo/self-timer (1.0.12)

Disclaimer: The manual is from Xiaomi’s official website. You’ll do it at your own risk. I’m not responsible if there is anything wrong.

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