I got a great question question recently: Which GoPro accessories to take on a trip? Luckily I was planning a vacation, so I want to give you some insights which accessories I took with me and why. Of course there is special equipment for certain sports. My Top 5 list is about general gear. If you plan on Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking or Diving – you might get that special mount as well. If you need info on them, let me know in the comments below.

These accessories are valid for GoPro Hero7 black, Hero7 silver, Hero7 white, Hero6 black, Hero5 black & Hero (2018)


1. Gimbal

GoPro Hero5 gimbal options

GoPro Hero5 gimbal options

If I could only choose one piece of accessory to take with me, it would be a gimbal. I just adds so much quality to your final video when there are now shaky images. Obvious choice is GoPro Karma, but there are many different types of gimbals available: some are mountable, some waterproof and some offer additional features like motion tracking. I wrote a separate article on the many GoPro Hero5 gimbals available, check it out.


GoPro Karma Grip


e.g. Feiyu WG2

Other Retailer:


2. Tripod / Selfie Stick

GoPro 3-way - Manfrotto Pixie (Time-lapse) - Long Exposure Shot with Hero5

GoPro 3-way – Manfrotto Pixie (Time-lapse) – Long Exposure Shot with Hero5

I like to do time-lapses, therefore I need a tripod. In general time-lapses are great in your holiday videos to introduce the city and add some dynamic to the static landscape. It’s also great for “observer shots” where you place the camera and walk or drive through your image. Another use-case is long exposure shots where you need a tripod for sharp images!

I don’t use an extendible selfie stick, my tripod and gimbal extend enough for that. You can get GoPro 3-way to cover both types of accessories, as a tripod is included. I selected the Manfrotto Pixie tripod as it has a ball head so I can easily level the camera. As my gimbal offers a 1/4″ thread at the bottom, I can extend it with my tripod.


GoPro 3-way

Manfrotto Pixie


3. GoPro Jaws Clamp & Gooseneck

GoPro Jaws & Gooseneck

GoPro Jaws & Gooseneck

For any kind of activity during my trips I like to take GoPro Jaws & Gooseneck with me. You can mount your cam on so many different objects: Bars, flat plates rails,… and easily change the position. It’s a great addition to a tripod which you can only set up on a flat surface. With Gooseneck you can easily level your camera. I tested some third party products but wasn’t fully convinced with their quality. The original GoPro Accessory is expensive, but worth it!



4. Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount - (tested at 200 km/h)

GoPro Suction Cup Mount – (tested at 200 km/h)

When travelling by car, go for GoPro Suction Cup. Don’t save money with this piece of equipment! I tested the GoPro Suction Cup on a race track and it lasted speeds of 200 km/h and more. Don’t save a few bucks and end up loosing your 399 USD camera! With a suction cup mount you can easily change mounting spots on your car to get a huge variety of different angle shots. This way it will be way easier for you to edit the video. And it will make your video more interesting. Everyone knows how it looks like looking out of the windshield of a car, show your audience different angles!



5. Spare Batteries

Take at least one spare battery with you. You don’t want to end up missing “that one shot” because you battery is empty. Power banks are also great, but you can’t use them in the same way as you would use your GoPro without cable connection. Be aware that 3rd party batteries might not work with your GoPro Hero5 black. I heard rumours that after firmware version 1.55 they stopped working. So spend a few bucks more on a GoPro battery instead of saving a bit and ending up with non-working equipment.



GoPro Quick release

All my mounts use GoPro Quick Release

All my mounts use Quick Release

I don’t know if you noticed, all my accessories are equipped with the GoPro Quick Connector. That way I can easily change the mounts without having to deal with the screws!

You can get a Quick Release to 1/4″ adapter for under 2 USD at Aliexpress.


Notable other Accessories

Underwater Case

For diving I would just use GoPro’s SuperSuit underwater case. The underwater case is not only great for diving, but also for gravel and dirt protection. For this case SuperSuit is too expensive. That’s why I got myself a cheap 3rd party case which I just use in situations my Hero5 needs extra protection. Another advantage of this model: In contrast to Supersuit you don’t need to remove the lens protection:


3rd party case

I got this one for 14 USD at Gearbest.

GoPro 3rd party underwater case

GoPro 3rd party underwater case


Aluminum Frame

Another great option for extra protection is this aluminum case. I use it for other action cameras as well and as you can see, t saved them from some serious scratches or damages. I got this alu frame for 11 USD at Aliexpress.
Another great and cheap accessory: a 1 USD lens cap.


GoPro Aluminum Frame

GoPro Aluminum Frame


Swivel Mount

I often encounter the situation where I just need to point Hero5 a little to one side or the other. Often pretty complicated to achieve with the GoPro mount system, as you need another 90° adapter or so. That’s why I got myself the swivel mount which easily lets you adjust the position.

GoPro Swivel Mount

GoPro Swivel Mount


LED Light

Compared to its predecessor GoPro Hero5 black was improved for low light situations. Nevertheless a little more light won’t hurt. The LED I got has a quick connector on top, and a GoPro mount on the bottom to use it with any other mount. And it is even 30m waterproof. I got it for 19 USD at Aliexpress.

GoPro Hero5 black with LED light

GoPro Hero5 black with LED light


I hope you like my list, I’m also going to to a video, to better show you the results I got using these tools.

Don’t agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below:

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