Careful there is a SJ5000X Limited Edition and a SJ5000X Elite Edition!

The camera offers a 4 MP OmniVision sensor, same as in the SJ4000+.
It will be 1000 pc. limited edition as then a SJ5000X Elite will be released, offering a 12 MP Sony Sensor

Some retailers still offer the “Limited Edition” so I leave this post, even if the cam might not be sold anymore.


SJ5000X – 2K resolution, 2″ screen, gyro image stabilization


SJ5000X Limited Edition Specs:

Image Sensor:
The SJ5000 comes with a 4MP sensor from Omnivision (OV4689)
Same one is used in the SJ4000+.

Novatek 96660 chip is used also the same as in the SJ4000+.
The SJ5000+ uses an Ambarella A7LS chip, same one is used in the Xiaomi Yi.

Like the other SJCAM lenses this one also has a 170° angle and f2.8.

Video Resolution & Frame Rate:

  • 2K – max. 30fps
  • 1080p – max. 60fps
  • 720p – max. 120fps

That’s the same resolutions and frame rates the SJ4000+ offers.
Note: the SJ5000+ doesn’t offer the 2K option!

Recording Format:
The videos are recorded in .mp4 files with .h264 codec.

Photo Resolution & Format:
max. 12MP (4032 x 3024 px); .jpg

The SJ5000X offers a 2″ screen, same size as the SJ5000 whereas the SJ4000+ & SJ5000+ offer a 1,5″ screen.

The SJ5000X uses the same battery as all other models by SJCAM with a capacity of 900 mAh, which is quite low compared to the Xiaomi Yi (1040 mAh) and the GoPro Hero 4 (1160 mAh), considering the power consumption for the display, which now got larger.
Maybe the Git batteries can be used which have the same size but 950mAh capacity.

Unfortunately all SJCAM cameras support just 32GB microSD cards, compared to 64GB on many competitors.

Connectivity & Ports:
The camera offers wifi for wireless remote via iOS or Android App, a USB 2.0 port for charging and A/V output and a HDMI port for HD video output.

Dimension & Weight:
59 x 41 x 30 mm; 74g
So it is the same size as the other SJCAM models.

Accessories included:
As for all SJCAM models this one also comes with a huge accessory pack, including: several base plates, bike mount, underwater case, clips, helmet mount and many more; basically all you need for an action camera.

Special Features:
Gyro Image Stabilization – I’m very curious how good this stabilization will work. The one on the Firefly 6S seems to work pretty well.

Price Comparison:

  • Banggood: 129.99 USD
    • Coupon code: 1f4a24
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Aliexpress: n/a
  • SJCAM: n/a
check link for current price – for updated prices see my camera comparison page


Features & Functions

The features are about the same as for most SJCAMS: Burst Mode, Time-lapse (in photo and video mode), Self-timer,…
A/V out via USB is available if needed for FPV.
The camera will also offer the well known huge variety of settings such as ISO, exposure, White-balance,…
What’s new is the gyro image stabilization which sounds promising and I’ll update this article as soon as there are demo videos available.
There is also a 4x digital zoom mentioned. I’m curios how this feature will work out, maybe the image will just be cropped and upscaled.



Updated: The SJ5000X Limited edition seems to be a makeover of the SJ4000+; now this time with gyro image stabilization.
BUT only 1000 pc. will be sold, then the camera will receive a better sensor – a 12MP Sony sensor
and the camera will be labelled: SJ5000X ELITE


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