Action Camera Mounts

I’ve been asked a lot which accessories to buy for GoPro, Xiaomi Yi, EKEN and Git and which mounts are the best. So I put together a list of the mounts I use the most:


The Basics

basic action camera mounts set

This set is some kind of “must have” for action cameras, because it includes so many parts which are needed in order to mount your camera.

A 1/4″ to GoPro adapter, so you can mount your Xiaomi Yi (without case) to every GoPro Mount. And a GoPro mount to 1/4″ adapter. So you can mount your e.g. SJcam with underwater case or GoPro to any tripod.

GoPro quick connectors are also included, one with an extension and a flatter one. Two adhesive mounts are included, which also use the quick connector system, a curved and a flat one. They are even better than the ones from GoPro as they have vents on the side and can be used with the included Velcro fasteners. The flat mount also has a 1/4″ screw.

Two 90° angles (long & short) are included, so you can turn the camera when mounted. And there is also an extension part.

There are 6 screws, 3 long and 3 short ones. As well as a handle bar mount. (which needs 2 of the screws).

That are definitely the parts you will use all the time. When combining the original GoPro parts you will end um way over 40 USD. I got this set at Banggood for 16.99 USD.

Jaws Flex Clamp


This is by far the mount I use the most. I always try to get several shots from different angles. This one helps me to change positions fast and easily. You can use the Clamp with or without the gooseneck. Both utilize the GoPro quick connector. Within the clamp there is a rubber strap, so you can mount it on smaller bars.

As I use it that much, I got the original Go Pro model, which is available for 49.99 USD (amazon). There is a cheaper 3rd party model (from KingMa) available for 22.99 USD at Banggood.

Retailers / Price

Original GoPro Jaws with Gooseneck:

3rd party products:


Here are some demo shots when I used the Jaws mount:





This is a nice mount I recently bought. The GoPro clamp is quite large, so I was looking for a smaller option. I use this clip to mount the camera on clothes e.g. bag pack straps, caps, trousers,…
The camera can be rotated 360° and uses the GoPro Quickconnector. I bought at Banggood for 6.30 USD and it comes with 2 quick connectors (but no screws). Without Quickconnector it’s available for 5.03 USD.


Suction Cup Mount


I use my cameras a lot for car shots and they were the first mounts I got. I bought several brands so far and the best results I got with the mounts from Panavise and RAM.
At first I bought a cheap 3rd party product and it stayed on the car’s outside for about 10 min. That’s when I knew I have to invest a little more money on a durable suction cup mount. I got the Panavise mount for my Contour camera and one for the GoPro Hero 3. Too bad you can’t buy extra parts from this company so I switched to RAM mounts. As you can see in the picture, the balls can be changed. I got one with an 1/4″ screw and one with the GoPro mount. Furthermore you can also change the bottom part, which uses the same 1″ ball. There are other options like handle bar & rollbar mounts as well as base plates to screw them on objects.
You can also use the 2 balls I got and combine them with the double socket arm for some kind of swivel mount. All parts can be bought separately so you are also able to extend your mount.
I like the RAM system because it offers so many possibilities. On their website you’ll find the whole range: www.rammount.com

As I mentioned, these mounts are not very cheap. The GoPro RAM mount is about 35 USD (amazon). The Panavise system with several heads is 44.99 USD (amazon).
There are some cheaper options at Banggood, but I wouldn’t use them outside a car. At most inside on the windshield. They are available for 7 USD.

Retailers / Price

Original GoPro Suction Cup Mount:

Panavise Suction Cup mount:

RAM Suction Cup mount:


Here are some shots I did using suction cup mounts:



Hand Strap

Hand Strap

I ordered this one with my Xiaomi Yi camera. The main use I plan for this mount is cycling, bikes and jet ski to get a nice shot from the driver. I also assume that it would be great for sky diving.
The mount can be rotated 360° so it is easy to adjust.
As I got it recently I don’t have too many exciting shots to share, but as summer is just around the corner I sure will give you some updates.
The Hand strap is sold for 7.93 USD.


Swivel Mount


Adjusting the camera with the GoPro mount can sometimes be painful. You have to play around with the 90° angles and never get the shot as you want. I haven’t ordered it yet, because I got many options with those angles and the RAM mount, but I think I’m going to very soon as you have the option to turn the camera exactly the way you want. Available for 20 USD at amazon. I’m still hoping there will be a cheaper 3rd party product.

Retailers / Price

Swivel Mount:

  • Amazon US: 14.99 USD
  • Amazon DE:
  • Banggood:
  • Gearbest:



Tripod / Selfie-Stick


A tripod is also very useful equipment to have. I own several tripods and heads for other cameras, mainly from Manfrotto. So I don’t have a dedicated tripod for action cameras.
I was thinking of getting the 3 way in case I’m shooting just with action cameras and don’t want to carry larger tripods with me.
The 3 way can also be used as a selfie stick with the advantage of adjusting the angles.

The original GoPro 3-way is sold for 59.99 USD (amazon). I’m going to order the cheaper 3rd party version for 32.68 USD(Banggood).

Retailers / Price

Original GoPro 3-way





This is a nice little gear to tighten the screws on your mounts. I got this one from Kingtide made of aluminium for about 9 USD.But I found a cheaper one made of plastic which also has an opening for the nut. Available for 1.81 USD at Banggood.


Timelapse Pan


This is a great little tool when doing time-lapses as you can add a pan to your time-lapse. With this device you can set a turn for a selected time, but it is limited to given settings. Price: 21.96 USD
If you want to have more control, check out the Radian from Alpinelabs. You can set the angle and time via iPhone. It’s built for DSLRs so it is bigger and heavier (and more expensive: 249 USD)


I have several other accessories at home like the Bobber or the GoPro Floaty. Some are for special purpose and others I hardly use. So if you have any questions about accessories, don’t hesitate to ask.

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