GoPro just released a new camera in a new shape. It’s the smallest and lightest GoPro ever built. Let’s take a look:

Resolutions and Framerates:

  • 4K not available
  • 1440p up to 30fps
  • 1080p up to 60fps
  • 720p up to 100fps

What I noticed is that there are no 120fps in 720p, which would be a multiple of 30fps. There are also no 24fps options. (GoPro website specs)

Hero 4 Session offers 8MP (compared to 12 MP on the GoPro Hero4 silver and black edition) for photos up to 3264 x 2448 resolution.

The video bitrate is up to 25 MB/s, same as for the Hero LCD, compared to 45 MB/s (Hero4 silver) and 60 MB/s (Hero4 black).
Bitrate for the Xiaomi Yi is also 25MB/s.

It comes along with all the known GoPro features such as:
Pro Tune (video only), Superview, Auto Low Light, Photo burst, Time-lapse,…

Control & Handling:

The camera is waterproof up to 10m (33′) out of the box, so no underwater case is required.

It has an internal, non replaceable, 1000 mAh battery, which enables recording up to 2 hrs (according to GoPro’s website).

On top of the camera there is a record button and a small data LCD screen. If you want to change settings, you have to use the GoPro Smart remote or the GoPro App, available for iOS, Android and Windows phone. The camera offers bluetooth & wifi connection.

Ports & Storage:

The Hero4 Session has a microUSB port and a microSD card slot, which supports cards up to 64 GB; class 10 required (as for most of GoPro’s products).

Compared to the Hero4 black and silver edition there is no support for A/V out via USB or 3,5mm mic in.


9.10.2015: The initial price of 399 USD was reduced by GoPro.



The shape of the camera reminds me of the Polaroid Cube and the SJcam M10, but the GoPro Session is far more advanced when looking at the specs.

Polaroid Cube



Polaroid cube records only up to 1080p 30 fps max. and offers 6 MP. The 124° wide-angle lens has a smaller angle than the competitors, which I personally prefer as the fisheye effect is diminished. The camera itself is splash resistant, waterproof cases are available.
Polaroid uses their own mounting solution, so it is not compatible with GoPro mounts. The current model doesn’t offer wifi, a wifi version will be available soon.

The cam is available for 99 EUR (amazon DE) or 79 USD (amazon US).


SJcam M10


The SJcam M10 records up to 1080p at 30fps max. and offers 12MP.  The M10 is available with frame and underwater case, both feature the GoPro mount and can be used with respective mounts. Biggest advantage of the M10 is the LCD screen where you can check the framing of your photos and videos. HDMI output and A/V out are also available with this cam.
The M10 is the largest of these cameras in size (43.1×44.3×48.2 mm) but is still lighter (64g) than the GoPro Hero4 Session (74g).

The cam is available for:
68 USD (without accessories)
88 USD (with accessories) and
102 USD (wifi model with accessories).



If size and weight is your top priority then the Hero4 Session might be the right choice for you as you may achieve shots from angles where other cams can’t be mounted.

If a little larger and heavier camera doesn’t bother you, the Hero4 silver or black edition might be the right choice as settings can be changed without remote or app. Additionally they offer a higher bitrate for better quality, more megapixels and higher resolutions.

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