GitUp G3 Duo (Git3)

First of all, the new camera won’t be called Git3. GitUp named their camera G3 Duo – because of a special feature  – it’s the first 1080p + 1080p dual camera. Besides the main camera body, that looks similar to Git2, there is a second “slave” camera attached to the main camera via USB cable. The slave camera is an optional feature, so you can use the “main camera” on its own. Let’s take a look at the specs:

GitUp G3 Duo - with underwater case & slave camera

GitUp G3 Duo – with underwater case & slave camera


GitUp G3 Duo Specs

right, the camera has two parts with two different lenses. The main camera features the 12 MP Sony IMX117 sensor, well known from GoPro Hero4 black, Firefly 8s, SJCAM SJ7 or Thieye T5.
The slave camera module features a Sony IMX323 sensor, which is just a 2MP sensor, but still enough for a full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 30fps.

In contrast Git2 uses as 16 MP Sony IMX206 sensor, Git2P a 16 MP Panasonic MN34120PA.

G3 Duo uses a Novatek NT96663 processor; Git2 as well as Git2P use the Novatek NT96660 processor.

Two different lenses are used: Main camera holds a f2.8 5G+2G aspherical lens with 170° FOV. I don’t know if there will be a 90° camera similar to Git2P.
Slave camera uses a f1.8 6G lens with 135° FOV – very light sensitive!

Frame Rates & Resolutions
Currently I’m not sure which resolutions and frame rates will be available. Due to the specs (Sony IMX117 sensor & Novatek 96663 processor) I guess:

  • 4K – 24 fps (interpolated)
  • 1080p – max. 60 fps (max. 30fps in dual camera mode)
  • 720p – max. 120 fps

Image Stabilization
Of course G3 Duo will feature image stabilisation, a key feature of Git2 which showed excellent results. I can’t wait to see what GitUp did and how they improved it further.

GitUP G3 Duo will feature a 2″ touch display. The picture below shows the 1080p + 1080p PiP feature:

GitUp G3 Duo - 2" Touch Screen

GitUp G3 Duo – 2″ Touch Screen


Battery has 1200 mAh, that’s about the same as Hero5 and a little less than YI 4K. In contrast to Git1 and Git2 which used a 950mAh battery it an improvement. Currently I don’t know which shape it will have.

Connectivity & Ports
G3 Duo features wifi to connect with Git App for Android or iOS,
and Bluetooth to connect with the remote controller (optional accessory).
There is a mini USB port for charging, A/V output and external microphone (!),
a microHDMI port for HD video output,
as well as a second mini USB port for either the slave camera or an external GPS tracker.
And of course a micro SD card slot which supports cards up to 128 GB.
On the bottom there is also a 1/4″ standard photo tripod thread for mounting without case.


GitUp G3 Duo - Ports

GitUp G3 Duo – Ports


Dimension & Weight:
Camera Dimensions: 59mm x 41.5mm x 36 mm; Camera Dimensions with housing: 82mm x 78mm x 46mm
Camera Weight: 78g; with housing: 158g.

Included Accessories
“Pro Packaging” includes: the waterproof case, rollbar mount, connectors & screws, flat & curved adhesive mount, USB cable, lens cover & manual.

Option Accessories
Hence I got some infos on the optional accessories:

  • Slave Camera – as mentioned at the beginning the second camera will be an optional extra and will cost about 49 USD.
  • GPS Module – with the external GPS tracker you can record the data – it’s available for 19 USD.
  • Skeleton Case – case with openings to mount either Slave camera, GPS tracker or external microphone.
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller – there will be a new remote controller.
GitUp G3 Duo - Underwater Case & Skeleton Case

GitUp G3 Duo – Underwater Case & Skeleton Case


Special Features

GPS recording

G3 Duo will feature GPS recording. In contrast to GoPro Hero5 black, which records GPS internally, G3 Duo needs an external module.
Following image shows a photo posted by GitUp testing GPS and an ad image hinting the graphic overlay data:

GitUp G3 Duo - GPS tracking

GitUp G3 Duo – GPS tracking


Picture in Picture

GitUp Git3 G3 Duo - Pre-production ModelGitUp G3 Duo (Git3) – Pre-Production Model


GitUp Git3 - Picture-in-Picture mode

GitUp Git3 – Picture-in-Picture mode

2 video files, each 1080p 30fps from main and slave camera, are recorded on the main camera. You can use both of the video files individually for editing. playback on the camera will be picture-in-picture as shown in the photo above.


Comparison of GitUp Models

G3 Duo
Sensor8MP Sony
12 MP Sony
16MP Panasonic
16MP Sony
ProcessorAmbarella A12Novatek NT96663Novatek NT96660Novatek NT96660
Lens / FOV160°170° FOV
(Slave Cam: 135°)
170° FOV
90° version available
4K Resolution
max. framerate
real 4K
1080p –Resolution
max. frame rate
720p Resolution
max. frame rate
Photo Resolution8 MP12 MP16 MP16 MP
Displaydata only2" Touchscreen1,5" live view1,5" live view
Battery1010 mAh1200 mAh950 mAh950 mAh
Image Stabilizationyesyesyesyes
Remote Controlyesyesyesyes
GPS recordingyesyesnono
Portsmini USB2x mini USB, micro HDMImini USB, micro HDMImini USB, micro HDMI
A/V out via USByesyesyesyes
Mic in via USByesyesyesyes
Special Featureflat design2nd camera (slave) attachable
Dimension (mm)
Weight (g)
82 x 41.5 x 23mm
59 x 36 x 41,5 mm
78 g
59 x 30 x 41mm
59 x 30 x 41mm
129.99 USD129.99 USD104.99 USD98.99 USD



It’s hard to categorise G3Duo and to compare it with other models: Is it more like SJCAM SJ6 Legend or the new YI Lite Action Camera which offers a touch screen but not 4K. Or more comparable to SJCAM SJ7 Star or YI 4K which offer real 4K and touch screen.
Well, the slave camera is definitely a unique feature to display picture in picture. Otherwise 2 action cams would do the job as well, at a little larger size. Certainly you have to synch the footage in post production, but with two action cams you can get two 4K streams.
Can’t wait to test it – stay tuned.


Stay updated and join the GitUp User Group on Facebook.


Retailer / Price Comparison

G3 Duo

  • Banggood: 124.99 USD – Coupon Code: 5be83e
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Aliexpress: n/a

Git 2 – Comparison:

Git2 – 170° FOV
Sony Sensor

Git2P – 170° FOV
Panasonic Sensor

Git2P – 90° FOV
Panasonic Sensor


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