This is a tutorial on how to update the firmware on your Xiaomi Yi camera using your iPhone.

I also did tutorials for:

Firmware update with you computer (incl. video)

Firmware update with Android App


The App will inform you about available new firmware updates (see title pic).
You will get the notice when you connect your iPhone with your Xiaomi Yi camera.

The next step is rather strange, as you have to go to your home screen, then press settings (the three 3 dots) and then click Firmware. This requires you to disconnect from your camera again:



The Apps says that Firmware will be auto-downloaded when connecting to Internet Wi-Fi.
I changed from the camera’s wifi to Internet wifi, but it didn’t start automatically, I had to press the download button.

If you are not connected to the internet, the app will warn you about data traffic. The app is loaded to your phone, afterwards you have to reconnect to your camera again. So switch to the camera’s wifi.



When connecting your phone and your camera again, the app informs about the new firmware and asks if you want to update.
When selecting “Update Now” you’ll get the info which new updates are available with this upgrade. Here shown are the new updates with firmware 1.2.0.
Press “Upload firmware to camera” and the firmware will be transferred to your camera:


As described in the notice, the camera will start beeping when updating the firmware. It will shut down automatically when the upgrade is completed. Don’t turn off the camera manually! (It takes about a minute)



When you turn on your camera afterwards, check the camera settings, you’ll see the current firmware version of the camera.

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