Three very different drones, but they have one thing in common – a similar price point around 400 USD. So which one is the right one for your needs? Are you concerned about size and weight or is video performance more important to you? Here’s a comparison:



DJI just released DJI Mavic Mini, replacing DJI Spark, as their entry level drone. Their goal was to produce a drone with a weight lower than 250g so you don’t need to register with FAA approval and the EU is expected to introduce an Europe wide drone law that as well requires registration for drones heavier than 250g.
FIMI, producer of the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, released a successor of this drone end of 2018, which became quite popular as well. Hubsan Zino is the least expensive drone among them still offering 4K video, 3-axis gimbal and GPS. Can it compete?


FIMI X8 vs DJI Mavic Mini vs Hubsan Zino Pro

FIMI X8 SE vs DJI Mavic Mini vs Hubsan Zino Pro H117s

FIMI X8 vs DJI Mavic Mini vs Hubsan Zino Pro

* FIMI X8SE: no wind, 28 km/h – Mavic mini: no wind, 14 km/h – Hubsan – no wind

In terms of weight DJI Mavic Mini is a class on its own. As mentioned: 249g – below the significant 250g limit. You don’t need FAA registration in the US, you can fly in Canada, you don’t need to register in Germany,… In 2020 the EU is most likely to introduce a new drone law requiring drones above 250g to register in every EU member state.
Also in terms of size it is a class on its own making it a very small and compact drone, easy to pack for travelling.

But still it can compete with the other drones and other specs: Flight time is 30 min. so right between Hubsan Zino Pro and FIMI X8.


Camera Specs

FIMI X8 vs DJI Mavic Mini vs Hubsan Zino Pro - Drone Review Camera Specs

FIMI X8 vs DJI Mavic Mini vs Hubsan Zino Pro – Camera Specs

Let’s start with the obvious: DJI Mavic Mini does not have 4K video! Is it a dealbreaker? It depends. If you are mostly sharing your footage on Facebook or Instagram it doesn’t matter at all, since these two platforms still don’t support 4K video.

I also wanna share a previous experience: DJI Spark only featured 1080p. But the image was fantastic and had so much detail. It was way better than many other action cameras and drones featuring 4K. Yes, the resolution was higher, but the image quality was worse!


Intelligent Flight Modes & Features


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DJI Mavic Mini – Video reviews

The best review of DJI Mavic Mini:

A review focusing on video production:


Conclusion – Pros & Cons


 Active Track

 4K video

 RAW photo

 flight time & stability

 size & weight

DJI Mavic Mini

 Weight (less legal restrictions)

 Size (compact for travel)

no Active Track

no 4K video

no RAW photo

Hubsan Zino Pro


 Active Track

4K video / lower bitrate

 no RAW photo

 flight time


Price / Retailer Comparison

DJI Mavic Mini

Fastest way to get is DJI Store on their website for now.

DJI Store: 399 USD // 499 USD (Fly More Combo)


Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE

Aliexpress (FIMI official store): 503 USD

– EU Warehouse: 449 USD – Coupon Code: FASTGBFIMIX8
– Chinese Warehouse: 439 USD – Coupon Code: 24HFIMIX8

Banggood: 407 USD – Coupon Code: BGFIMIX8NS



Hubsan Zino Pro

Gearbest: 339 USD – Coupon Code: GBZINOPRO

Banggood: 399 USD


Want a cheaper drone?

Well there is: Hubsan Zino H117s – the brother of the Hubsan Zino Pro.

Hubsan Zino Pro vs Hubsan Zino H117S

Yes, that’s it. Only minimal changes: You get less range and the quality of the joystick is not as good. But the price is a super attractive and a real bargain! – Check out Hubsan Zino H117S

Gearbest: 246 USD – Coupon Code: GBH117S25

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