Feiyu released a successor of their splashproof 3-axis action camera gimbal. The new Feiyu G6 comes with some great improvements:

  • The motor on the backside was lowered to give full accessibility and visibility of your camera’s touchscreen.
  • G6 not only connects to your smartphone for settings, but also your GoPro which can be controlled via the buttons on the gimbal’s grip.
  • An integrated display shows you the current settings of both gimbal and GoPro.
  • It is also compatible with Sony RX0 cameras

In contrast to GoPro Karma grip, Feiyu G6 is splashproof and offers exchangeable batteries. Seems to be a great pick for GoPro Hero6 or GoPro Hero5. Furthermore there is also a special adapter if you are using Sony RX0 camera. In general it is compatible with a huge variety of action cameras, let’s take a closer look:

Feiyu G6 - 3-axis, splash-proof gimbal - GoPro Hero6 black, GoPro Hero5 black

Feiyu G6 – 3-axis, splash-proof gimbal


Feiyu G6 Specs

Feiyu G6 holds an exchangeable 5000 mAh type 26650 Li-ion battery which allows 12 hours of working time under normal conditions. G6 holds a small port on the head to connect and power your action camera. While powering the camera the operation time is stated with 5 hours. The exchangeable battery within the grip allows you to carry an extra battery to quickly change them when you need longer operation time. I favour this solution compared to the many built-in battery gimbals, including Karma.

Weight & Payload
Feiyu G6 itself weights 336g, without battery and camera, the max. payload is about 130g.

Pan / Tilt / Roll – Angle
The gimbal allows 360° rotation on the pan and tilt axis as well as 320° rotation on the roll axis. Great to see the gimbal offers unlimited pan & tilt rotation. Another addition compared to Feiyu G5 is new design of the roll motor which is lowered so it doesn’t block visibility and operation of the backside touchscreen of your action camera.

Similar to Feiyu G5, the new Feiyu G6 is splashproof as well. The camera is mounted with a frame bar, so you get the most benefit when the camera is splash-proof as well, like the latest GoPro line-up (Hero, Hero5 & Hero6) or Sony RX0. Cameras can’t be mounted within an underwater case, that limits the use of other brands a bit. The gimbal is not waterproof or designed for underwater use. In my opinion this is not necessarily needed as movements underwater are smoother anyway. Being splash-proof helps in wet situations while skiing e.g.

Buttons & Controls
The control panel provides a flat joystick to control the head as well as function and shutter button below. New, compared to Feiyu G5, is the display above the joystick which shows gimbal infos on connection (bluetooth & wifi), battery life and camera settings! If G6 is connected to your GoPro it will display the current mode and you can change settings via the gimbal’s buttons. More on that later.
One side of the grip features a settings button (to change camera settings) and a microUSB port for charging. The other side features a standard 1/4″ photo tripod mount which allows additional accessories like a smartphone holder. Another 1/4″ thread can be found at the bottom to attach G6 to other mounts like a tripod or suction cup.
On the backside there’s a trigger button that lets you lock all axes while pressing and a lever to horizontally adjust the camera.

Feiyu G6 gimbal buttons - GoPro Hero6 controls

Feiyu G6 buttons


Shooting Modes

Feiyu G6 offers several operation modes indicated by shortcuts on the display. They can be changed by pressing the function button on the front. In the default mode, panning mode (HF), the gimbal/camera follows pan movements while roll and tilt axes are locked. In following mode (AF) the tilt axis additionally follows your up/down movements as well. In locking mode (LK)  the orientation of your camera is locked while you can move the gimbal around.

If you press and hold the trigger button on the backside of your gimbal you can switch locking mode instantly. When you release the button the gimbal returns to its previous mode. I really like this option as you can quickly lock the orientation of the camera while you can mode around.
The lever on the backside let’s you adjust the horizontal angle in any of the selected modes. Great option to easily adjust while shooting.
Manual lock allows you to position your camera in every mode. When holding the camera’s position for half a second the orientation is manually set.

Auto-rotation Mode / Time-lapse Mode
Similar to the wearable Feiyu WG2 you can also do motion controlled time-lapses with Feiyu G6. Simply set start and end position and when initiated the gimbal’s head will move automatically from start to end point. Both pan and tilt axis will rotate. Of course you can achieve the best results when the gimbal is mounted on a tripod. Via Feiyu On app you can change the speed rotation from 12 sec per turn to 8h per turn.

Packaging / Accessories
Feiyu G6 comes with a carrying case, USB – microUSB cable for charing the gimbal, microUSB – USB-C cable to charge your camera via gimbal, one 26650 battery and manual.

Feiyu G6 – Compatible Action Cameras

Feiyu G6 fits a huge variety of action cameras:


A great feature, compared to GoPro Karma grip, is the fact that Feiyu G6 is splashproof. So when you use it with GoPro Hero6 black, Hero5 or the new GoPro Hero, the whole unit is splash-proof for wet environment like skiing or surfing. G6 is not waterproof, but that’s not necessarily needed, as motion underwater is smoother anyway.
Compared to its predecessor Feiyu G5, the new gimbal can connect with your GoPro, so you can start/stop recording and change settings via the gimbal’s buttons on the grip. The display shows the current settings of your GoPro. To connect camera and Feiyu G6 you need to open up Feiyu ON app where you search for the camera’s wifi. After both devices are connected you can start/stop recording using the shutter button. When short pressing the settings button you can change the camera mode (Photo, Video, Time-lapse). Long pressing the settings button lets you change the parameters of each mode using the joystick to navigate. You can change resolution, FOV, frame rate,… The display on the grip shows the available options and selected settings.

Feiyu G6 gimbal controls GoPro Hero6 & Hero5

Feiyu G6 gimbal controls GoPro Hero6 & Hero5


Sony RX0

Feiyu G6 will also features a mount for Sony RX0 camera (sold separately – 10 USD). The frame for GoPro type cameras is replaced with an adapter plate, that looks like a tripod adapter. This way you can mount the RX0 using the 1/4″ thread on the camera’s bottom.

Feiyu G6 gimbal with Sony RX0

Feiyu G6 gimbal with Sony RX0


YI Action Cameras, SJCAM, Firefly,…

Feiyu G6 can hold a many other action cameras as well, but not in their underwater case. Without case you can mount all YI Technology action cameras (YI Discovery, YI Lite, YI 4k, YI 4K+), all EKEN action cameras, Firefly cameras, SJCAM and many more with the same size. Next to the roll motor of Feiyu G6 the is a knob ring. Once released you can slide the arm to balance your action camera. I’m currently not sure if they can be controlled with the buttons on the grip, I hope I can test them once I get a Feiyu G6 myself.

Balance Feiyu G6 gimbal

Balance Feiyu G6 gimbal


Feiyu G6 is solely made for action cameras, you can’t mount a smartphone. If you are looking for a gimbal for both devices, check out Feiyu SPG.



The new Feiyu G6 seems to be well thought through with a lot of great improvements compared to Feiyu G5. I really like the new design which offers better visibility of the screen. Being able to operate an action camera (only know about GoPro so far) is anther great advantage. I heard some complaints about Feiyu G5 that motor noises can be heard in the video, Feiyu stated on their Facebook site that they solved the issue with G6 as well. Hope I can test it soon to give you more insights.

 Can control GoPro cameras

 Can power your action camera


High quality body design

360° rotation on pan & tilt axis

Exchangeable batteries

 Works with Sony RX0 camera

 Great design the doesn’t block the camera’s touchscreen


Retailer / Price Comparison:

Sony Rx0 adapter: 10 USD


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