When I first heard about Insta360 ONE R I was a bit confused. It seems overwhelming what the camera is actually capable of. So I recommend reading the whole article to get the full picture on that camera. After digging deeper it seems it is the best 360 AND action camera in 2020. It might not be the best camera for special needs, but the best camera for general purpose. A true allrounder for most situations as you can pick the module you need for the exact situation you are in. Insta360 ONE R will replace many of my cameras I’m currently carrying with me.

Insta360 ONE R vs GoPro Max vs Insta360 ONE X vs GoPro Hero8 black vs DJI OSMO Action vs Sony RX0 II - Comparison

Insta360 ONE R vs GoPro Max vs Insta360 ONE X vs GoPro Hero8 black vs DJI OSMO Action vs Sony RX0 II – Comparison


Insta360 ONE R – Review

As said it is a modular camera and with the launch 3 camera modules were launched:

  • Dual-Lens 360” – 360° Camera Module
  • 4K wide angle” – Action Camera Module
  • 1-inch edition” – 1″ Sensor Action Camera Module

Each camera module connects to the recoding module – “core” – that holds a LCD screen as well as microSD card. These two modules are connected with the battery module at the bottom. In addition to the one sold within the packages, there is an extended battery module with increased capacity. Let’s take a look at the camera modules first and then at some accessories:


Insta360 ONE R 360 dual lens – 360° camera module

Insta360 ONE R - "dual-lens 360" - 360° camera module

Insta360 ONE R – “dual-lens 360” – 360° camera module

Insta360 gained its reputation from doing excellent 360 cameras like Insta360 One and Insta360 ONE X. The latest model Insta360 ONE R is an improvement compared to Insta360 ONE X. Although it is not a big leap in video resolution compared to the 8K Qoocam. Compared to X the new R version got a bigger battery, a live view touchdisplay, is waterproof without case, offers USB-C and therefore allows external microphones and features voice control. In terms of video quality the bit rate is now lower (100 Mbps compared to 120 Mbps on ONE X), but the new ONE R offers .h265 codec which offers a better compression and therefore offers a better video quality with more details.


Insta360 ONE R vs Insta360 ONE X

Here’s – in my opinion – the best comparison video: Insta360 ONE R vs Insta360 ONE X vs GoPro MAX:


Here are some further video review comparisons of these 3 cameras if you want another opinion:

More video comparisons


If you are using an Insta360 ONE X you are probably thinking if an upgrade is worth it – well it depends. In terms of 360 photos there are probably not enough new features. In terms of video you can benefit from the slightly better video quality and the larger battery. If you need your camera to be waterproof, want and external microphone or a touchscreen to check your shots, then the Insta360 ONE R got the things you need. If you are looking for a higher resolution – 8K video – the new Insta360 is probably not what you are looking for – for now. Maybe there will be a better 360 module in the future. Speaking of modules, Insta360 ONE R still has more to offer:


Insta360 ONE R 4K wide angle – action camera module

Insta360 ONE R - "4K wide angle" module - screen can be flipped

Insta360 ONE R – “4K wide angle” module – screen can be flipped

Insta360 ONE R is not only a 360 camera, but also a traditional action camera. While 5.7K video recording in 360 mode seems large, be aware it is for the whole 360° video. Hence if you export a traditional 16:9 clip, the resolution will be 1080p max. While the 360 option gives you many creative options to create 16:9 videos as well, you might want to have a higher resolution while vlogging. So when you plan to talk straight into your camera, you can choose the 4K action camera module to do so, getting a 4K resolution 16:9 video. So basically it compares to a GoPro Hero8 black, also offering the option to plug in an external microphone, with a very affordable 9.99 USD microphone adapter. For GoPro Hero8 black you need the 79 USD Media Mod to get the 3.5mm adapter. Insta360 ONE R got another great feature: simply flip the recording module and the touchscreen is facing you – great for your vlog recordings! To make your GoPro Hero8 black a vlogging camera you need to spend another 79 USD for the Display Mod (in addition to the Media Mod). DJI Osmo Action offers both, a front and back facing screen. So let’s compare these 3 action cameras:


Insta360 ONE R vs GoPro Hero8 black vs DJI Osmo Action


Here’s a comparison of INSTA360 ONE R – 4K module vs GoPro Hero8 black vs DJI Osmo Action:


A Very good side by side video comparison of the 3 cameras and iPhone 11 Max:


Insta360 ONE R Leica 1-inch edition – 1″ sensor action camera

Insta360 ONE R - "1-inch edition" - 1" sensor action camera with Leica lens

Insta360 ONE R – “1-inch edition” – 1″ sensor action camera with Leica lens

And if that is not enough you can even further upgrade Insta360 ONE R as action camera with a 1″ sensor module. What are the benefits of the larger sensor? On the one side the sensor is larger in physical size and therefore offering higher quality videos and photos with higher dynamic range and better low light performance for night shots or indoor shooting. On the other side it also offers a higher resolution – 18,8 MP. You can record up to 5.3K 16:9 video with the post production option to crop, bin or further stabilize your video. The only other action camera I’m aware of that offers a 1″ sensor is the Sony RX0 II. That is the same sensor used in the Sony RX100 series!
The first edition of Sony RX0 was not intended to be an action camera, it was rather a small production camera to be used with an external recorder. Now with the RX0 II Sony pushed it towards the action camera segment. It got a flip screen, records 4K internally (for an aceptable amount of time) and the battery life was improved.

Be aware that with this large sensor the frame rates won’t be as high as the ones with 1/2.3″ sensor 4k action camera module, but the image quality will be better!

Insta360 ONE R – 4K module vs 1″ module vs Sony RX0 II


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Insta360 One R 1  icnh sensor vs Sony RX0 II




Insta360 ONE R – Prices / Availability

Insta360 ONE R is available via their own website store.
Insta360 offers free priority DHL shipping for orders over 129 USD.
They often offer special packages at a discounted rate, so check out their store first!

  • 4K wide angle camera: 299 USD
  • 360 dual camera: 449 USD
  • 1″ edition camera: 494 USD
  • Twin Edition (360 dual & 4K wide):  479 USD
    • this is the best deal to get them as combo
    • basically you get the 4K module for 30 USD compared to 360 module alone.
  • Expert Edition (360 dual & 1″ sensor): 729 USD
    • if you want to get the combo with 1 inch sensor

If you click these links and buy an Expert Edition or similar, you get an additional base battery for free!


Interesting Deal at TomTop for European Customers:

  • Twin Edition (360 dual & 4K wide):  399 EUR
    • Dutyfree Shipping to Europe
    • compared to 458 EUR on Insta360 website


Insta360 also runs their own official Aliexpress Store:

currently not all modules and accessories for Insta360 ONE R are available on Aliexpress. Since the Insta360 Web Store adds the local tax and Aliexpress is shipped from China without taxes, it might be an interesting option for you. Especially for accessories when no import tax applies!


Insta360 ONE R is also available on Amazon:
but currently the stocks are low!


Insta360 ONE R – Accessories

And if that is still not enough, there are even more options for you, here is a – shortened and selected list:

Insta360 Care

Similar to DJI now Insta360 also offers a care option. For Insta360 ONE R the “care package” for 52 USD includes:

  • Free repair or replacement for your camera
  • Exclusive service channel with dedicated technicians
  • Flexible repair services


Insta360 ONE R – Aerial Edition

Insta360 offers an aerial edition, consisting of “core”, “vertical battery” and a special . “Split-Lens 360” Mod. This way one lens is mounted above and one below the drone to get you a 360° video without the drone being visible. The aerial edition is available for 549 USD for DJI Mavic Pro 2 or DJI Mavic Pro drone.



Insta360 ONE R – 3D Mount

The 3D mount uses two camera modules (either 4K action camera or 360° camera) to capture stereoscopic videos. The 3D Mount will be available soon.

Insta360 ONE R - 3D stereoscopic video

Insta360 ONE R – 3D Mount for 360 and 4K module


INSTA360 ONE R – GPS Smart Remote

The GPS Smart Remote records real-time GPS data. You can overlay clips with HUD data like speed, altitude, direction and route. On the downside you need an extra device and the data is not recorded within the camera. An advantage is that you can place the camera and remote separately. Put the 360 camera on a tripod and track yourself going around the camera, while carrying the remote to record the GPS data.

Insta360 ONE R - GPS Smart Remote

Insta360 ONE R – GPS Smart Remote


INSTA360 ONE R – Audio Options

Compared to GoPro and DJI charging very high prices for a simple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for external microphones, Insta360 offers it for just 9.99 USD! Be aware that only special adapters will work for each specific camera, cheap off-the-shelf adapters don’t work for these cameras. There will be a special holding bracket for the very popular Rode Wireless Go microphone set, an ideal companion for Insta360 ONE R. In addition with one of the next firm ware updates it will also be possible to record sound via Apple AirPods!

Insta360 ONE R - with Apple AirPods - 3.5mm adapter - Rode Wireless Go

Insta360 ONE R – with Apple AirPods – 3.5mm adapter – Rode Wireless Go


Insta360 ONE R – invisible selfie stick & bullet time

There is a new compact invisible selfie stick for Insta360 ONE R. The new edition is just 16.5cm when retracted and extends to 70cm. The original invisible selfie stick created for ONE and ONE X can also be used (28.5 cm to 120 cm). Or you can get the bullet time bundle (includes the original selfie stick) and a handle for best results when shooting in bullet time mode. The new handle doubles as tripod for your camera. Or you can get the extended edition which extends from 58 cm up to 3m for drone like shots.

Insta360 ONE R invisible selfie stick - bullet time bundle - extended edition

Insta360 ONE R invisible selfie stick – bullet time bundle – extended edition


Insta360 ONE R – other accessories

As mentioned there will be dive cases for all three available modules. While the 4K dive case is 60m waterproof, the 360 dual lens dive case is 30m waterproof. The 360 dual lens edition must be used with the vertical battery base. For the dual lens module there is also a lens guard available. Soon the boosted battery base will be released, not only offering more battery capacity, but also an included, foldable GoPro mount.

Insta360 ONE R accessories: dive cases - lens guard - boosted battery base

Insta360 ONE R accessories: dive cases – lens guard – boosted battery base

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