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Hi, and welcome to my blog, which I created to collect infos about all the action cameras available, for you to compare.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m el Producente – some people call me Philipp.
As you probably noticed while reading my blog and watching my YouTube Videos,
English is not my native language. Sorry if there are some mistakes, but there’s a beneficial aspect:
You can also ask me and write e-mails in German.


Where you can find me?

Check my contact page for all the links.


Why I did this blog?

I bought my first Action Camera in 2009 (a Contour HD – first one to shoot 1080p :) ) and since then I use them frequently.
Now there are so many different models available on the market and I wanted to keep track of it.
As I gathered lots of information, I thought about sharing them with other users and my blog was created, first on tumblr,
and later came this version, as I hope with the new menu, you can better find the information you are looking for.

The articles on my blog (if written by “elProducente”) reflect my opinion and purchase should never be made based on one person’s opinion alone! Try the products if you can or ask others (e.g. Facebook Groups), read their opinions or watch several YouTube videos.

When I review a product it is a product I have bought and I’ll state the link where I bought it. Other links used for price comparison may not reflect the same product. I make sure it is the same product based on the resellers information, but I can’t guarantee.

Luckily sometimes a product is provided for testing. The review reflects my experience with the product. I wouldn’t recommend a product I’m not satisfied with and I won’t keep bad features a secret! I’m not getting paid to do a review and I won’t accept money to write a review!



The product links might be affiliate links to resellers. When clicking these links you can help and support this site so I can cover my costs. If you click them you don’t pay a single cent more than you would by getting on that page without them!

In general links to other pages were reviewed at the time I wrote an article. I try to keep the information up to date, but I can’t guarantee. The links to external pages show information of third parties which I’m not related to.

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