Zhiyun just released an updated version of their 3-axis Z1-Rider2 gimbal, which is a very versatile device to get smooth shots. Find out more:

What’s in the Box?

The 3-axis Z1-Rider2 gimbal is wire connected (94cm wire) to a handle that holds the battery. The gimbal requires 2 18350 Li-Po batteries which are included.

You’ll also get a battery charger and a USB-MicroUSB cable which can be used for the charger and to update the firmware of the gimbal.
For mounting the camera on the gimbal you’ll find a bar and screws. The short screws are used to mount a GoPro alone, and the longer ones are needed if you use your GoPro with a LCD backpack. You’ll not only find one set, but a second one as replacement parts.
There is also a short USB cable which can be used to power your GoPro with the batteries of the gimbal. That actually saved my first test shoot, as I forgot my spare batteries for the GoPro at home.
You’ll also find a velcro to fix the handle bar of the Z1-rider.

Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 included Accessories

Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 included Accessories


Mounting Options

That’s what I really like about this gimbal, it has a GoPro mount and a 1/4″ thread at the bottom so you can attach it to any of your GoPro mounts. I’ve used it on a handle bar, wrist strap, monopod and an adhesive mount on top of a helmet so far – very versatile!

The Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 features a 1/4" thread and a GoPro Mount

The Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 features a 1/4″ thread and a GoPro Mount


If you want to use it handheld – here’s a trick: Use the handle bar mount on the battery grip of the Z1-Rider and you are good to go.
I prefer another way and mount the gimbal on a monopod. That way I control the gimbal with one hand and hold the battery grip in the other hand to adjust the pitch of the camera. It just works like a jib!


How does it work?

On the bottom of the handle bar you’ll find the power button. Next to the 3 buttons on the grip you’ll find a LED indicating the battery status.
The middle button is the mode switch button. When you long press it, you start the gimbal and the camera will level. With the buttons above and below you can  tilt the camera.
By short pressing the mode button you can switch from pan following mode to locking mode and back. If you double press it you can switch to pan and pitch following mode.

Z1-Rider2 Handle Grip for batteries & remote

Z1-Rider2 Handle Grip for batteries & remote


That’s it basically – very easy to use and makes a great impact, but see yourself in my review video:


Retailer / Price:


Demo Footage:

Here we tested the gimbal during a downhill mountain bike ride. See yourself how smooth the video turned out.
Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 black; Available in 4K!


More about Gimbals for Action Cameras:


Gimbals for Action Cameras – Overview

Remark: The Z1-Rider2 was provided by Zhiyun Tech for testing
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