Zhiyun just launched a new gimbal: Smooth Q. I’m very much looking forward to it as not only the price very affordable for a 3-axis gimbal (139 USD), it’s also versatile as you can use it for Smartphone and Action Camera!

As you know, when reading my blog, gimbals are my favorite camera accessories as they add a professional touch to your videos. They are the best tool to avoid shaky footage. Smooth-Q can be used for smartphones and action cameras and offers a wide range of possible use. If you focused solely on action cameras, take a look at my reviews of the mountable/wearable Zhiyun RiderM or the handheld Zhiyun Evolution gimbal.


Zhiyun Smooth-Q with iPhone and GoPro

Zhiyun Smooth-Q works with Smartphones and Action Cameras


Zhiyun Smooth Q Specs

Zhiyun Smooth Q holds a built-in 26650 Li-ion battery which allows 12 hours of working time. A USB port at the bottom of the grip supports 5V/2A power output, so you can charge your phone (or camera) while shooting. But you could also use it to power a LED panel to light up your surroundings. On the side of the gimbal you’ll find a microUSB port to charge Smooth Q or power it with an external power source, like a power bank.

Weight & Payload
Smooth Q itself weights 450g totally and can hold a max. payload of 220g.

Pan / Tilt / Roll – Angle
Pan axis allows 360° unlimited rotation, tilt axis moves -135° to +185° and roll axis allows +/-30° movement.

Smooth-Q is splash proof and works under extreme temperatures, up to 45℃) and minus 15℃.

Buttons & Controls
The control panel provides a flat joystick to control the head, a camera photo/video mode switch, video Rec/Stop button and zoom controls.

Shooting Modes
You can use Smooth Q to stabilize your phone horizontally or vertically. (Well as a videographer I’m not happy about people shooting videos vertically, but it is required for Snapchat or Facebook Live – so it’s nice to have).
No need to balance the gimbal manually, just insert your phone and Smooth Q will balance electronically.

Zhiyun Smooth Q - Shooting Modes & Buttons

Zhiyun Smooth Q – Shooting Modes & Buttons


You can mount Smooth Q on a tripod as a 1/4″ standard photo thread is integrated at the bottom.

Zhiyun Smooth Q is available in black, grey, gold and rose.

Zhiyun Smooth Q - available in black, grey, gold and rose

Zhiyun Smooth Q – available in black, grey, gold and rose


Special Features

When using Zhiyun App on your Smartphone you can enable some special features like object tracking or face tracking. Select an object on your screen, which will be tracked during a movement and the gimbal’s head will follow automatically.

On a side note: If you use a larger Zhiyun gimbal like Crane with your DSLR, you can put your phone on top of the camera, use Zhiyun App to select object tracking and Crane (incl. DSLR) will follow the object.



Action Camera

There will be a special adapter available (sold separately) to mount your action camera. So you gimbal is not limited to either Smartphone or Action Camera like many other gimbals. In the video below GoPro Hero5 is also powered via Q’s battery:


Action Camera Adapter

I bought this adapter for 17 USD at Aliexpress. There are also some available at Amazon. I’ll let you know which one works best:



Retailer / Price:

  • Camfere: 129 USD – Coupon Code: SMOOTHQ10
    (worldwide free shipping)

Smooth Q is also  available on Zhiyun’s official Amazon US (139 USD) and UK (130 GPB) stores, but it will ship to other countries from these stores as well:


Demo & Review

My Smooth Q will be shipped soon and I’ll add some hands on experience to this article. In the meantime enjoy a video I did with Zhiyun Rider 2:

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