As you probably know from my blog, gimbals are by far my most favorite accessory for action cameras. I first got a Zhiyun Rider2 gimbal, the Zhiyun Rider-M is it’s successor. While Rider2 consists of a head and a wire connected handle grip, which holds the batteries, the newer Rider-M is a more compact solution and easier to mount. Additionally Zhiyun introduced wireless remote with Rider-M, that allows you to control the head with an app on your smartphone. Before taking a look at the specs, check out this video where I mounted a gimbal on a downhill mountain biker’s helmet. While he was jumping up to 5m high and wide, the video seems like a camera being pulled on a wire through the forrest without any noticeable vibration:


Zhiyun Rider-M


Zhiyun Rider-M holds two exchangeable 900 mAh 18350 Li-ion batteries. Without batteries the weight is 180g. Till axis moves 320°, roll axis range is 80° while pan axis turns 360°.

The gimbal is compatible with GoPro Hero4 and similar sized cameras, SJCAM cameras (except M10 & M20), YI & YI 4K Action camera and with a new bracket, also with GoPro Hero5 black.


Mounting Options


Zhiyun Rider-M

Zhiyun Rider-M

On the bottom of Zhiyun Rider-M theres a standard 1/4″ photo tripod screw. So you can either use a variety of mouths such a suction cup or clamp. Or you can attach it to a selfie stick and use Rider-M handheld.

Next to the mode button, there’s a 3,5mm jack which supports A/V output. On top of the head there is another port, which you can connect with the camera’s USB port. This not only allows the camera to use the gimbal’s battery, you can loop through the video signal to the 3,5mm jack an use this monitor.


How does it work?

Switch between pan following mode, locking mode, pan and tilt following mode simply by pressing the mode button. You can turn the camera to a certain angle and stay for one second, the Rider-M locks the current angle automatically.

How the three modes work:

Pan following mode is the default mode. Single press the MODE button to switch pan following mode and locking mode. Double press the MODE button to enter pan and tilt following mode. Single press the MODE button again to go back to previous mode:

  • Pan and tilt following mode
    Roll axis is locked, tilt and pan axes rotate and follow the gimbal’s movement. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust roll angle.
  • Locking mode
    All axes(pan, tilt and roll) are locked and the gimbal faces in one direction only. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust tilt angle.
  • Pan following mode
    Pan axis (rotation left and right) is following the gimbal’s movement, while the camera remains locked in tilt (up and down) and roll (level) to remain upright. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust tilt angle.


Remote Control

You can of course change all angles of the gimbal’s head wirelessly with either the remote control (sold separately) or with a smartphone app (available for iOS and Android – free). The Remote has a range of about 10m.

Zhiyun Rider-M remote

Zhiyun Rider-M remote


GoPro Hero5 black

Zhiyun RiderM & GoPro Hero5

Zhiyun RiderM & GoPro Hero5

There is a new bracket available to mount GoPro Hero5. Bracket works for Evolution & RiderM (see pic) gimbal.
Price: 13.63 USD



Main competitor is Feiyu WG and the new Feiyu WG2, here’s a comparison:

ModelFeiyu WGFeiyu WG2Zhiyun RiderMSLICK
WaterproofnoIP 67noyes
Rotation320 / 320 / 100360 / 360 / 70360 / 320 / 80320 / 320 / 320
Batteries2x 880 mAh - exchangeable
operation time: 3.5 hrs
1500 mAh - built-in
operation time: 2.5 hrs
2x 900 mAh - exchangeable
operation time: 4.5 hrs
900 mAh - built-in
operation time: 3 hrs
Remote ControlApp or Remote ControllerApp or Remote ControllerApp or Remote Controllern/a
Mounts1/4" thread on bottom
1/4" thread on back
1/4" thread on bottom
1/4" thread on back
1/4" thread on backGoPro on bottom
PortsmicroUSBmicroUSBmicroUSB, 3,5mm (for monitor)microUSB
Time-lapse modenoyesnoyes
Price:174 USD168 USD249 USD249 USD


Retailer / Price:

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