At MWC 2017 in Barcelona YI Technologies showed a YI HD Action Camera, which seems to have the specs of the original YI Action Camera, but in the body of YI 4K Action Camera:

YI HD Action Camera

What we know:

According to the photos it will be a 1080p HD camera (logo on the front). Due to the shown menu the largest resolution would be 1440p with 30fps – I guess a 4:3 full sensor readout. In 1080p 16:9 format YI HD will feature a max. of 60fps – similar to original YI Action Camera. It also seems that the new model will have FOV selection, which is shown below resolution.

YI HD Action Camera - Resolutions

YI 1080p Action Camera – Resolutions


Why this camera makes sense: A lot of users complained that the original YI Action Camera lacks a screen. So this model will satisfy users who want a screen, but don’t need 4K resolution. Therefore this model will be cheaper than YI 4K Action Camera. It also makes sense that this model shares the same body as YI 4K Action Camera as well as YI 4K+. They can share the same accessories such as underwater case, the new YI Handheld Gimbal 2 or YI Erida Drone.

Since it is the same body as the other cameras, I expect YI HD Action Camera to have the same battery which is an improvement in capacity compared to the original YI Action Camera.

What we don’t know:

Since these pictures are my only source there are a few questions marks:


It seems that the micro HDMI port will be left out similar to YI 4K and YI 4K+. They all share the same body design and on the side you can see just one door for one port. But what is behind that door, hence which USB port? Will it show microUSB same as YI 4K or USB-C same as YI 4K+. I hope for USB-C since this port also allows the use of an external microphone.

YI 1080p Action Camera - Ports

YI HD Action Camera – Ports


Image Stabilization

YI 4K features electronic image stabilization up to 1080p & 60fps, YI 4K+ furthermore allows image stabilization up to 4K and 30fps! Will YI HD Action Camera also feature image stabilization?


I couldn’t find out another hardware part being used, which sensor? Is it the same sensor as in original YI Action Camera – the 16 MP Sony IMX206. Or is it the same sensor as in YI 4K (to make production easier) but the max. output is limited. Seems strange, but GoPro did it the same way. Hero4 black and Hero4 silver used the same sensor, but silver didn’t offer 4K resolution at 30fps compared to the black version.


YI Camera Comparison

I hope I can get answers to the questions about YI HD Action Camera soon. Below you’ll find a spec comparison of the existing YI Action Camera models:

* It seems weird that the first & oldest YI camera got the largest sensor (16MP compared to 12MP), but the IMX 206 being used is not capable of 4K resolution. It benefits the photo capabilities tough.

** I currently don’t know if A/V out via USB-C is possible/available for YI 4K+.

*** I assume RAW photo and voice control being upgraded via firmware on YI 4K Action Camera.


Retailers / Price Comparison:

YI Action Camera

  • Banggood: 86.99 USD
  • Gearbest: 69.99 USD (official reseller) – Coupon Code: YIAC5
  • Geekbuying: 72.99 USD (official reseller)
  • Aliexpress: 81.99 USD (official YI store)
  • Amazon (official YI store)


YI 4K Action Camera

  • Gearbest: 199.99 USD (EU stock!)
  • Geekbuying: 199.99 USD (authorized retailer)
  • Aliexpress: 215.00 USD (official YI store)
  • Amazon (official YI Store):


YI 4K+ Action Camera


Photos taken from this video recorded by ROOTBLOG at MWC 2017 (source:

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