There are currently 2 known sound problems with the Xiaomi Yi camera:

  1. Bad microphone quality (dull sound)
  2. Sound interference (occurred from wifi)



Now here’s an instruction how you can solve them.

Matthias and I fixed the Xiaomi Yi sound problem on our cameras, this is a photo instruction how we did it:


Bad Microphone Quality

At first you have to open your camera. Make sure you take out the battery of your camera first! We used a scalpel, a pincette, a hard piece plastic similar to a pick and a screwdriver.

Start at the lower left corner of your camera and peel it open like a fruit. Be careful not to break the connectors which tie the frontside to the body of the camera.



The hardware is screwed to the body using 4 screws. One of them is covered with a “yi” sticker. This might be the seal and when you break it you lose your warranty.



When taking out the hardware be careful as the trigger button is placed in a small plastic flap. Take it out carefully and don’t break the wires. Also be aware of the microphone which is in another flap an sticks very well to the camera’s body!



When you pull out the microphone and its rubber case be careful not to break the wires and pay attention to the rubber as it rips easily! We used a pincette to get it out:



When removing the rubber case of the microphone you will see some kind of adhesive covering the mic. It helps to protect the mic from dirt but shields the sound making it quiet and dull. You can replace it with some foam used on headphones. The protection of the mic won’t be as good, but you’ll get a better sound, additionally the foam will make a good wind noise blocker



When you put on the rubber case, be sure that the rubber doesn’t cover the mic on top, especially when you slide it back into the mic flap.
Also pay attention when sliding the trigger button in its flap, which is a little tricky. You can new screw the hardware back into the body.



the sound quality can be improve a lot and you’ll get better results with your Xiaomi Yi!


Wifi Sound interference

When the wifi is turned on you will notice a sound interference when recording your video. This problem can be solved using an adhesive tape to cover the antenna on the front side of the camera. The antenna on the frontside of the camera is linked to the hardware with a connector. You can shield the antenna by suspending the connection with an adhesive.



The interference can’t be completely stopped, but it is better than nothing. There is still wifi connectivity with your phone, the range will be shorter.


Please note that if you are doing this sound fix, you do it at your own risk!

Special thanks to Matthias for taking the photos!

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