• How to pair remote control and camera?
  • Will it work while using your phone?


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I ordered the remote together with the original monopod and it comes in a box similar to the one of the camera.

How to pair Remote Control and Camera

Let’s take a look at the major question: How to pair camera and remote control.
First you have to double click the wifi button on your camera, then press the mode switch button on the remote control. The blue LEDs will flash and you are done.

The LED above the mode switching button, it will light up red when it is not connected and it will change to blue when they are pared.

How to connect Remote Control and Xiaomi Yi

How to connect Remote Control and Xiaomi Yi


Once the remote is paired, you don’t have to click the wifi button as the remote is immediately connected with the camera when it is turned on.
In the app settings of the camera you will find “unbind all Bluetooth devices”; there you can unpair them if you want.

Remote Control & Phone

The remote control also works when you have connected a phone and your camera. When selecting modes or hitting the trigger button, the camera follows your commands as well as the app.

Remote Control

It fit’s very well on the original monopod. When you open the flap above the remote you can pull it out. The remote is placed in a rubber case which has two holes on the backside, so you can also mount it on a strap.
On the backside you’ll find the door for the battery and it is powered by a 3 volt, CR1632 battery which was included.

Xiaomi Yi Remote Control

Xiaomi Yi Remote Control


The quality of the monopod is also very good. The locking mechanism is easy to operate.
On top it looks like a ball head, but you can just tilt it – Well, you can turn the stick so it is not really necessary and adds more stability.
I really like the 1/4″ thread at the bottom where the strap is mounted. You can take it of and screw the monopod on any other photo equipment. Of course you can use the strap directly on your camera.

Xiaomi Yi Monopod with Remote Control

Xiaomi Yi Monopod with Remote Control


I personally would have preferred a smart remote like the one for the GoPros, you basically can only change modes which you have defined with your app in advance, and you’ve got a trigger/record button which comes in handy when you don’t have access to your camera, for example when doing a selfie and you don’t have to switch on your phone all the time.

Price Comparison:

Remote control only:

Remote control with monopod:

For current prices check my article: Xiaomi Yi Accessories where I constantly update the prices to give you an overview.


Blitzwolf Monopod

I also got a Blitzwolf Monopod and compared it with the Xiaomi Yi model. Here’s a video review:


Remark: I bought this set at Banggood, so this review refers to what I received.
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