Yi Red Filter for Diving

I’ve been often asked about YI red filter for diving. Unfortunately there are no filter for the Yi Action Camera original case.

Why to use a red filter? They are designed to correct colors in underwater recordings. You can also do it in post production, but the red filter will give you a better result without the hassle of editing the clip. As they are used underwater, they have to fit the underwater case of course. For the original case there yi underwater case there are no filters available. GoPro themselves offer a red filter for their products.

Two solutions available:
I know about two Yi Red Filter which are built for the KingMa underwater case:

Adapter & Filter

Xiaomi Yi red filter

Yi with KingMa case, adapter and filters


First one consists of a filter adapter with a thread, which is attached to the case, and the desired filter is screwed onto the adapter. As red filters are used underwater I’m not sure what to think about this solution, as the adapter and the filter consist of metal parts which might suffer, especially in salt water.

These sets are available from:

  • Aliexpress: 36.25 USD for adapter & 6 52mm filters including Red Filter, UV and CPL
  • Banggood: 23.99 USD for adapter & 6 52mm filters including Red Filter, UV and CPL
  • Gearbest: 5.72 USD for adapter, 58mm filter of choice & lens cap


Lens Cap

Yi Action Camera Red Filter

Yi Action Camera with filter cap


The second solution is some kind of lens cap which is attached on the KingMa underwater case. That makes more sense in my opinion as it is made of plastic. I have not tested it but got a user report on my YouTube channel:

They fit perfectly and are strong. I got the 6 in 1 version. There are rectangles on the sides of the filters, but they are not in the frame for both video and photo mode.

This filter is available from:

  • Aliexpress: 1.90 USD per filter or 6.90 USD for a set of six.
  • Banggood: 4.99 USD per filter.
  • Gearbest: 28.78 USD for a set consisting of: KingMa Case, Three-Way Selfie Stick, Floating Grip, Diving Wrist Strip, Red Filter & 6 Anti-Fog Inserts.


Kingma case – price comparison


For more info on the camera, ream my Yi Action Camera (International Version) manual.

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