Recently the original Yi case for the Yi Action Camera was released. I got this one and two 3rd party products to find out which one is the best to protect the camera and hold all the accessories:


Original Xiaomi Yi case

Original Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Case

Original Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Case

Like every case there are cut out holes for accessories. The original cases was considered for most original accessories as there are spots for:

  • Yi Action Camera without underwater case
  • Underwater Case
  • Monopod with remote control
  • Extra Battery
  • Tripod Adapter
  • 2 Screws
  • Handle Grip (not shown)

The cover includes a net with zipper, where you can store several other accessories and mounts.

What I like about the original Yi case is the great quality and the fact that you can store the camera and the underwater case separately. I like to use the Yi without underwater case – if it is not necessary – so the case is great as I don’t have to open it, take out the underwater case and then take out the camera of the case each time.

What’s not so great about this case: all cut out holes are designed for original Xiaomi Yi Action Camera accessories. As you can see I (currently) don’t have the handle grip. You can still put it some smaller mounts or cables, but you are limited to the size. There is also no hole for an additional microSD card.


Retailer / Price:


Telesin Yi Case

Telesin Yi Action Camera Case

Telesin Yi Action Camera Case

This case is also designed for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera as the cut out holes are especially made for this camera and its accessories. There are cut outs for:

  • Yi Action Camera in underwater case
  • Extra Battery
  • Extra microSD card (with SD card adapter)
  • Monopod with Remote Control
  • Large Compartment for mounts and accessories

The Cover also includes a net-pocket with zipper for additional accessories and mounts.

I like that the case is not only fitted to all original accessories but offers a compartment for mounts or other accessories such as a charger. It is a bit smaller in size than the original case and still holds lots of accessories.

 This case is the only one – out of these 3 cases – where the layer with the cut out holes can’t be taken out and it doesn’t offer a handle on the case. The quality is not as good as the original Yi case, but still not bad.

Retailer / Price:


Kingma case

Kingma Action Camera case

Kingma Action Camera case

The Kingma Case was not made for Xiaomi Yi cameras as there are two cut out holes for GoPro backpacks. The case holds:

  • Yi Action Camera in case with base plate attached
  • Extra Battery
  • Extra microSD card with SDcard Adapter
  • 2 “GoPro backback” holes – the Xiaomi Yi LCD screen fits in, the battery from that set doesn’t!
  • Large Compartment for mounts and accessories

This case also features a net in the cover, unfortunately not with zipper. There is no dedicated place for the original monopod, but it fits inside the net.

 If you are using the Xiaomi Yi a lot with underwater case and mounts, this case might be interesting as it is the only one where you can leave the camera inside the underwater case with a base plate attached. Also if you are using the LCD backpack this case offers the best protection for it, unfortunately the extra battery from that set doesn’t fit into the second backpack hole. The backpack holes are great to store the adhesive mounts and GoPro quick connectors btw.

 The net in the cover doesn’t have a zipper, so especially smaller mounting parts get shifted around and you have to be careful when opening the case. Also you can’t really tell which side is up, as only the small Kingma logo on top of the zipper is an indicator.

Retailer / Price:

  • Banggood: n/a
  • Gearbest: 13.84 USD
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Aliexpress: 15.50 USD
  • Amazon US: n/a
  • Amazon DE: n/a



Based on the quality of the cases I would rank them: Original Yi case, Kingma case & Telesin case.

If you own all original Yi Action Camera accessories, the original case is probably the best choice for you, as there is a dedicated spot for each one of them. What I like best with this case is the fact that you can store camera and underwater case separately and the quality is very high.
The Telesin case is great if you just own the camera and monopod (traveler set) as there is a large compartment for mounts and accessories and not every spot is designed around the original accessories.
The Kingma case is a great allrounder, not made for the Xiaomi Yi and its accessories, but they fit in, as well as other cameras. I use it with my Git2 camera, as all accessories fit in perfectly.


Here’s my review of other Xiaomi Yi Accessories



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