YI Action Camera Apple Watch App

The iOS App on your iPhone will also install the Yi Action Camera Apple Watch App!
This feature was introduced with the latest update of the Yi Action Camera iOS App.

Yi Action Camera Apple Watch

Yi Action Camera App on Apple Watch


When you have pared your iPhone with your Apple Watch, the YI Action App automatically is installed on the Watch as well. You have to pair the YI Action Camera and your iPhone and the Apple Watch will automatically detect the camera.

Unfortunately you don’t have a Live Preview on your Watch similar to the GoPro App for Apple Watch. Maybe that will be a feature introduced later on. To start you have to connect camera and iPhone (via wifi) afterwards the watch is connected with you phone (Bluetooth) and these settings are available:

Yi Action App for Apple Watch

Yi Action App for Apple Watch


Currently Available Settings

  • The first screen is shown when you want to connect Apple watch and iPhone.
  • Afterwards you’ll see the “Video” button for recording video. Depending on which mode the camera started.
  • When long pressing the button you’ll get to the selection between photo and video mode.
  • After selecting respective mode you get to the sub menu to decide which mode you want to select:
    • Photo Sub Menu: Single Photo, Timer, Time-Lapse or Burst
    • Video Sub Menu: Video or Video Time-Lapse in Video mode.

I think that the Yi Action Camera Apple Watch App is still in an early stage and hopefully live preview will be available in a later version of the app. But it is a nice feature to use the Apple Watch as a remote control if you don’t want to take out your phone all the time and you don’t have the YI remote control. I’ll check for updates and let you know about future improvements!


Since the release of iOS App version 2 the Watch App was dropped. I currently don’t have infos if Yi Action App will be back on Apple watch soon.


YI 4K – Retailer / Price Comparison



YI 1 – Retailers / Price Comparison:

Chinese Version:

Seems like the Chinese Version is disappearing. More and more retailers deleted them from their stores.

International Version:

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