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There are some rumors Xiaomi is working on a drone. There are speculations it will be released by a company called Flymi or branded as Flymi. In August a patent was filed and the new patent documents reveal a few details about the Xiaomi drone in development.

Xiaomi Drone Patent

Xiaomi Drone Patent


According to the image it seems that the Drone is controlled by a wearable wrist strap, maybe the Mi Band itself. That reminds me of the Lily camera, which is a small drone you just throw up in the air and it follows you. Lily offers several settings available, e.g. that the drone circles you as you move. Here’s a video about the Lily Camera Drone:


A possible Xiaomi Drone is an interesting development. Many manufacturers enter this market, GoPro announced their Drone Karma for Spring 2016. I’ll definitely follow the developments of the Xiaomi drone and will be soon releasing a post about “How to start aerial videos” as I recently got the Cheerson CX-20 and Tarantula X6 to get some aerial footage with my Xiaomi Yi Camera. Stay tuned!

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