The Walkera iLook+ HD is an action camera designed for aerial photos and videos as it comes with a large antenna and built in video transmitter. Let’s take a look at the specs:

Walkera iLook+

Walkera iLook+


Walkera iLook+ HD Specs

Image Sensor:
The camera features a native 4 MP OmniVision OV4689 sensor. That’s the same sensor as used in the Eken H9 or SJ4000+. Although the description often says 12 MP, just the image is upscaled to get 12MP photos.

The camera holds a iCatch 6350M processor as described on the website. Could be that this is the 6350M chip from Sunplus which is also used in the Amkov AMK7000S. The Eken H9 holds a 6330M Sunplus chip.

150 degree wide angle, all glass lens; aperture is f2.8 or even 2.6 – the data is a little inconsistent on their website.

Video Resolution:

Also here the data varies a bit

  • 4K – max. 10fps
  • 1080p – max. 60fps

There is no word on 720p with 120fps, but that might be possible, same as for Eken H9 and Amkov AMK7000S

Recording Format:
The videos are recorded in .mov files, .h264 codec

Photo Resolution & Format:
max. 12MP .jpg – thats why they call it a 12MP camera, even tough it has a 4MP sensor 😉

The camera doesn’t have a live view or data display as its main purpose is to transmit the image.

i couldn’t find any information if there is a detachable or built in battery;
on the side of the camera there is a port to connect it with a quadcopter and power it that way.

There is a slot for microSD cards, up to 64GB are supported, class 10 recommended

Connectivity & Ports:
The camera offers wifi for remote via App (App for iOS and Android available),
there is a special power plug to connect it with a quadcopter and a port for the camera’s special feature the antenna:

Walkera iLook+ buttons & ports

Walkera iLook+ buttons & ports


Special Features:
The Walkera iLook comes with a 5.8G mushroom antenna which transmits pictures up to 800 meters.

Walkera iLook+ Antenna

Walkera iLook+ Antenna


Dimension & Weight:
58 x 40 x 20 mm; similar to comparable cameras.

Walkera iLook+ Dimensions

Walkera iLook+ Dimensions


Included Accessories:
The Walkera iLook comes with the antenna and power cables to connect with a quadcopter or drone.

Retailer / Price Comparison:




The Walkera iLook is a bit like the EKEN H9 and Amkov AMK7000S when it comes to the camera specs: all of them use the OmniVision 4MP OV4689 sensor and a Sunplus chip. What’s different of course is that the Walkera iLook+ has a built in 5.8G transmitter with a pluig-in antenna for transmitting images. Therefore it lacks a live view screen, which is not necessary for that purpose. But when comparing these two facts it seems that the Walkera iLook+ is pretty expensive as the EKEN starts under 50 USD.

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