I recently got this device, the Blitzwolf USB charger. A great addition to my camera gear as it offers me many advantages:

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When I go shooting I got some equipment with me: Action Cameras, extra batteries, power bank, phone, tablet, mobile hotspot (when traveling)… So lots of gear which has to be charged in advance.
Many of these devices came without an adapter for a wall socket, just with an USB cable, so I run short of them constantly.

The Blitzwolf USB charger has 2 great advantages for me:
I can plug in 5 devices at once, so I don’t need several adapters and a power strip. Which is especially handy when traveling.



But there is another big advantage, as the output charge current at every port is 5 Volts and up to 2 amps.
When looking through the adapters some only charge with 0,5A, the iPhone adapter 1A, the iPad adapter 2A. I also got one with 2 ports which charges with 1A but when I put two devices, it’s down to 0,5A per port. So it is quite tricky to use the right one.

This charger supplies a charge current of up to 2.4 amps for each port and supplies only the maximum current allowed by the device you connect. So each  plugged in device gets the most power possible. It also has over current and overheating protection and the port shuts down automatically when the device is fully charged.

Blitzwolf USB charger - 2A Output per port

Blitzwolf USB charger – 2A Output per port


The power cord has a figure eight coupler (C8 connector) and you can get it with EU, UK, US or AU plug.
Price is the same: 19.99 USD
Available at Banggood in black or white

The Blitzwolf charger was provided by Banggood for testing
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