Many action cameras recently were called “GoPro Killer”, but if one camera deserves this title it’s the Revl Arc.

  • It shoots 4K at 30 fps
  • has integrated electronic image stabilization
  • an integrated gimbal
  • records live telemetry data and
  • the app automatically edits the highlights of your footage!


Revl Arc

Revl Arc


Revl Arc Specs

Image Sensor:
The image sensor is not stated, but as Sony is listed as partner, video resolution is 4K 30fps max and 12MP for still images, I suspect it is the Sony IMX117 or IMX337 image sensor. (IMX117 used in GoPro Hero 4 black edition, IMX337 used in Yi Action Camera 2)

Similar to the Image sensor, no specific information is stated. As Ambarella is listed as partner it could be the A9 processor used in the GoPro Hero 4 black.

A 150° field of view lens is used.

Video Resolution & Frame Rates

  • 4K – max. 30fps
  • 1080p – max. 120fps
  • 720p – max. 240fps

That’s the same specs the GoPro Hero 4 black edition is offering.

Photo Resolution & Format:
max. photo resolution is 12MP,
time-lapse and burst mode are available.

The camera offers no live view display, live view is available via app and Apple watch.

Revl Arc offers a 1150 mAh, replaceable, lithium ion battery, which should last for about 90 min. of shooting in highest resolution.
Extra batteries are 25 USD per piece.

microSD cards up to 128 GB supported.

Connectivity & Ports:
Revel Ark has wifi with a range of 30ft to connect with the app. It seems that the app is the main device for editing: “All editing is done on the app. The camera supplies raw footage and motion data which is used by the app to edit your video”. Additionally the camera features Bluetooth.

Update: I saw some photos where the gimbal was removed, it seems there are HMDI & USB port.

Dimension & Weight:
45 x 45 x 77 mm; 170g
Revl Arc is waterproof up to 3m without an additional case.

Revl Arc

Revl Arc


Up to now it seems like the GoPro Hero4 black edition, but now comes the interesting part with the Revl Arc’s special features:


Hybrid Stabilization

Revl Arc Hybrid Stabilization

Hybrid Stabilization


The camera not only has electronic image stabilization (EIS), there’s also a gimbal integrated in the back of the camera. This allows the lens to be leveled all the time, while you can turn the camera 360°.

Revl Arc has an integrated gimbal

Revl Arc has an integrated gimbal


Data Recording

The Revl Arc not only records video, it also captures live data including motion: acceleration, rotation, speed, G-force and can connect to external sensors like heart rate monitors and GPS. The telemetry data is stored in the video file and sent, combined with footage, to the app for editing. There you can implement the recorded data as graphics in your video:

Revl Arc captures live telemetry data

Revl Arc captures live telemetry data


AI assisted editing

A pain for most users is to watch hours of recorded footage and edit the highlights for a short video to share. Revl Arc assists you with that task as the camera automatically detects your top moments and highlights them. Real Arc learns about the highlights over time using the data from the various sensors integrated in the camera. These moments are distilled into an edit for easy sharing via social networks.


Revl Arc App

Revl Arc App


The Smart Editing feature will identify the highlights in your recordings based on emotions for an automated short clip:

Revl Arc - Smart Editing

Revl Arc – Smart Editing


Revl Arc comes with 5 color bumpers,  1/4” standard tripod mount, GoPro adaptor mount, 2 sticky mounts, 1 battery and charger.
Additionally available are a Bar Mount, Kitesurf Line Mount & Kitesurf Strut Mount for 60 USD each.

Revl Arc Accessories

Revl Arc Accessories


Demo Video

Here’s the demo video for their campaign:


Retailer / Price

The camera is available for 399 USD through their website. Sales Price will be 499 USD.



Specs wise the camera doesn’t seem to be new: 12MP sensor & 4K recording with 30fps are specs we already know from the GoPro Hero 4 black edition. But the new features added make the Revl Ark a serious competitor for GoPro. Gimbals are my most favorite and most used action cam accessories. If you ever used one, you will love them! The footage is smooth and you don’t have to care much about mounting. This technology being integrated in the camera is awesome as the equipment bag gets smaller.
Telemetry data recording is also a really great feature. My Contour Camera (back in 2011) was able to record GPS data and I loved it. While sailing or driving a car you could easily playback where the footage was shot. And you could use the data to put graphics in the video. I never understood why GoPro wasn’t implementing this earlier.
AI auto video editing is also very promising. I know it is a pain for most users to transfer the footage to a computer, edit and share it, (in my case) often weeks later. The upcoming app really speeds up this process and supports you to find the highlight moments of your recordings.

The Revl Arc looks really promising, I’m really looking forward to test this camera.



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All images are copyrighted by Revl Arc
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