New Git1 Firmware available

Git1 Firmware 1.10 available
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The new firmware 1.20 for Git1 was released today

Great to see that 720p with 60fps is now supported!

The firmware is available via GitUp’s website:

Find the complete change log here:

  1. Added: Support 720P 60fps
  2. Improved: Auto exposure
  3. Improved: Improved audio sampling rate to 44.1KHz
  4. Improved: OFF front Red LED and ON Green LED then camera fully charged
  5. Improved: Disable screen backlight after 1 minute while charging but enable backlight again if user press any button – See more at:
  6. Fixed: Recording with 3.5mm Female Microphone Adapter
  7. Changed/Fixed: Text display issues


Firmware Update 1.10 (Sept. 2015)

The most interesting added feature is exposure and/or white balance lock. When selection this option in the settings you can turn it on and off during recording with the wifi button.

When you are filming in very light conditions and point your camera to a dark spot, exposure will automatically light up your picture. If you want to avoid that you can now do this with that option.

The firmware is available via GitUp’s website:

Find the complete change log here:

1. Added: Configurable function for menu button while recording with options of:

  • a) exposure lock,
  • b) white balance lock,
  • c) exposure lock and white balance lock
  • d) microphone mute/unmute

2. Added languages:

  • a) Polish,
  • b) Portuguese,
  • c) Czech

3. Fixed: G-sensor bug
4. Fixed: Front LED status bug
5. Improved: Custom video text stamp, support for 32 characters maximum
6. Improved: Support for video resume while play back on camera
7. Improved: Adjustment of video saturation for blue and yellow colors
8. Improved: Resolution (accuracy) of Custom White Balance
9. Improved: Russian language translation
10. Improved: WVGA 30fps changed to WVGA 60fps
11. Changed/Fixed: Text display issues

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