Insta360 One

Insta360 One is a very interesting 360° camera concept. On my blog I focused on 360° action cams and didn’t cover the cameras you plug in your smartphones, as I want to use the cameras mounted and without phone. Insta360 One combines these two worlds as you can use the cam without phone, even within an underwater case, or plug it into your phone to get additional features. Let’s take a look at the specs:

Insta360 One

Insta360 One


Insta360 One Specs

Sensor & Processor
Insta360 One holds two 1/2.3″ Sony CMOS sensors and an Ambarella processor, currently I’m not sure which type is used.

There are 2 lenses have an aperture of f/2.2 offering a full 360° spherical view.

Video Resolution & Frame Rate:

  • 3840 x 1920 – 30fps
  • 2560 x 1280 – 60fps
  • 2048 x 512 – 120fps – bullet time, more on that in the functions section.

Livestreaming is available up to 4K 3840 x 1920 and is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter and Weibo.

Video Format:
Supported video formats are insv, mp4, LOG.

Electronic Image Stabilization
Insta360 One offers 6-axis gyro-based image stabilization. The gyro is collecting data on camera movement which is used to electronically correct the image to stabilise it. The great advantage of 360° cameras is that all the image information from around the camera is available and just needs to be levelled.

Max. photo resolution is 24MP (6912 x 3456). .jpg and RAW format is available.

Insta360 One doesn’t hold a display, you can change settings and preview the image on your phone, either connected directly or wirelessly.

The camera holds a built-in 820 mAh battery which lasts for approx. 70 min of video recording.

microSD cards class U3 are required, max. 128 GB cards are supported.

Connectivity & Ports:
Insta360 One can be remote controlled via Bluetooth. The cam is not equipped with wifi, but can be connected to a phone via plug.
The camera offers a microUSB port for charging.
On the bottom of the camera is a 1/4″ standard photo tripod thread for mounting.
iOS Version
The currently available iOS version features an Apple Lightning plug to connect within the device. Supported devices are iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6 s/6 s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Pro(10.5-inch), iPad Pro (9,7-inch), iPad Pro (12,9-inch), iPad Air 2.
Android Version
The Android version is not announced yet, but it will follow.

Software / App
The Insta360 One app is available for iOS and Android. Insta360 Studio and Insta360 Player desktop software is available for Windows and Mac.

Dimensions & Weight:
Weight: 82g
Dimensions: 96 x 36,5 x 25 mm (LxWxH)

Insta 360 One - Dimensions

Insta 360 One – Dimensions


The standard packaging contains the camera, a fishline (for bullet time effect) and a micro USB cable as well as manual. Also a camera cover that can be used as a stand or grip.
The invisible selfie stick as well as the underwater case are optional accessories.

Insta 360 One - Specs

Insta 360 One – Specs


Retailer / Price Comparison



Bullet time

Remember the epic bullet time effect from “The Matrix” movie? Insta360 One has a feature to achieve this effect. You just have to swing around Insta360 One around yourself and it creates a 240fps (= 8x slow motion) clip. The camera itself records 2048 x 512 at 120fps and the clip is interpolated to 240fps.


Invisible Selfie Stick

Insta360 created a special selfie stick which is invisible to Insta360 One. It seems like the camera is flying aside you.

Insta360 One - Invisible Selfie Stick

Insta360 One – Invisible Selfie Stick


Smart Tracking

SmartTrack follows any subject to give you a classic-sized video (non 360) where they’re always center-frame as you move around the camera.


Free Capture

With free capture you record a 360° video, so you got all angles needed. Later on you edit a non-360 video on your phone by choosing the best angle. You can pan/tilt around your recording to get the best shot and share it immediately from your phone to your social media channels. This is a feature GoPro is very keen on and featured in detail at every GoPro Fusion presentation. They call it Over Capture.



I’m quite happy with my Xiaomi Mijia 360 when using it as an action camera. The video quality is great, although not fully 4K – it’s a bit smaller. Unfortunately the firmware is not fully developed yet and there are a lot of bugs. Now Insta360 One is not only smaller, offers 4K resolution and Live Streaming. Insta360 also has a good track of producing 360° cameras. Insta360 One seems to be a very versatile camera: remote controlled, used as action cam or plugged into your phone for instant streaming. A critical factor as the wireless transmission on Mi takes quite a while. Another important factor is software. Insta360 already developed Apps and Desktop software while Mi Sphere is still being developed and has very limited features. I hope I can get my hands on one soon to give you more insight on the workflow.



Here’s a comparison chart of different 360° cameras:

 Xiaomi MijiaInsta360 OneRicoh Theta VGoPro FusionYI 360 VRGear 360 (2016)Gear 360 (2017)
Xiaomi MijiaInsta360 OneRicoh Theta VGoPro-Fusion-symbolYI 360 VR CameraSamsung Gear 360 (2016)Samsung Gear 360 (2017)
Sensor2x 16 MP Sensor
Sony IMX 206
2x Sony Sensor2 x 12 MP Sensor2x ?2x 12 MP Sensor
Sony IMX 377
2x 15 MP Sensor
2x 8.4 MP Sensor
ProcessorAmbarella A12Ambarella
??Ambarella H2V95DRIMe5sDRIMe5s
max. 360° Video Resolution3456 x 1728 (30 fps)3840 x 1920 (30fps)3840 x 1920 (30fps)5.6K (24fps)
5.2K (30fps)
5760 x 2880 (30fps)3840 x 1920 (30fps)4096 x 2048 (24fps)
Live Streamn/a3840 x 1920 (30fps)3.840 x 1.920 (30fps)?
max. Photo Resolution6912 x 3456 - 23.8MP6912 x 3456 - 24 MP5376 x 2688 - 14 MPapprox. 6000 x 3000 - 18MP5760 x 2880 - 16.5 MP7776 x 3888 - 30MP5472 x 2736 - 15MP
Displayno displayno displayno displaydata displaydata displaydata displaydata display
Battery1600 mAh
820 mAh
1400 mAh
1350 mAh1160 mAh
(can connect to Smartphone via plug)
Image Stabilizationyesyesno??yesnono
PortsmicroUSBmicroUSBmicro USB
3,5mm audio
underwater case
underwater case10m without casenoIP53
Dimension78 x 67.40 x 24 mm96 x 36,5 x 25 mm130,6 x 45,2 x 22,9 mm?102 x 53.2 x 29.6 mm56.3 x 66.7 x 60.1 mm100.6 x 46.3 x 45.1 mm
Weight108,3 g83 g121gapprox. 200g170g152 g130 g
PriceGearbest: 223.99 USDAmazon: $299.00Amazon: $396.95Pre-Order 399 USDAmazon: $67.91Amazon: $123.98
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