GoPro Voice Control

GoPro voice control is available with the latestHero5 cameras: Hero5 black & Hero5 Session. Additionally GoPro launched Remo, GoPro’s voice activated remote. Remo enhances the voice control of Hero5 in windy and noisy environments. It is waterproof and can also be used as a one-button remote from up to 33ft (10m) away.

To activate voice control on GoPro Hero5 black, swipe down on the main menu to get to the connections menu. The upper right icon indicates voice control. On Hero5  Session you can use the settings section of Capture to toggle the feature on or off.

GoPro Hero5 black voice control - Menu

GoPro Hero5 black voice control – Menu


In Preferences you can also set your preferred language for voice commands, choosing from English (US), English (UK), English (Australian), German, French, Italian, Spanish (EU), Spanish (N.A.), Chinese and Japanese.

GoPro Hero5 black - Voice Control

GoPro Hero5 black – Voice Control


With voice commands enabled, you can shout commands whenever the camera is powered on, even if it’s in standby. Every command starts with “GoPro.” Here’s the list of commands, which you can also look up in the menu:

  • GoPro, start recording
  • GoPro, stop recording
  • GoPro, take a photo
  • GoPro, shoot burst
  • GoPro, time-lapse mode
  • GoPro, start time lapse
  • GoPro, stop time lapse
  • GoPro, video mode
  • GoPro, photo mode
  • GoPro, burst mode
  • GoPro, turn off
  • (GoPro,) HiLight

The HiLight command will mark the video at that time, which you will see when editing the footage in Quick App. HiLight also works without saying GoPro first. Btw. “Shit” is also a voice command and will mark the video, same as “HiLight”.

Me testing GoPro voice control

Me testing GoPro voice control



I think Voice Control is a pretty convenient feature, especially for selfies. You don’t have to connect with a smartphone or remote controller. Just shout the command and GoPro will take action. Btw. the shutter for photos is a bit delayed so you don’t take a picture of yourself shouting. Also be aware not many tourists are familiar with this feature, so when you use it, many will look at you and the camera.

Voice Control feature seems to be quite popular, YI is also updating their YI 4K with voice control, as well as their new 4K 60fps camera YI 4K+.

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