GoPro Hero6 – 4K 60fps Update?

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GoPro Hero6 – 4K 60fps Upgrade?

During CES in Las Vegas in Jan 2017 I wrote about a possible upgrade of GoPro Hero5 black as the new Ambarella H2 processor became available. YI Technology announced their YI 4K+ Action Camera using this new processor. It enables 4K resolution in 60 fps and electronic image stabilization up to 4K 30fps. New Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, mentioned a new GoPro Hero6:

Yes, we can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and new camera namely being HERO6. But we’re not going to share any information as to the timing or any other details around the release of those new products as you can imagine.


My two cents

I’m not surprised GoPro already mentions a GoPro Hero6 camera. A new processor from Ambarella became available offering new features. Other manufacturers already announced they will use this processor offering action cameras with some better specs than Hero5. So GoPro takes action and state they are already working on the new camera.

That would make Hero4 black users happy, as they get better specs when upgrading from their camera. I had the impression they were not happy with the specs of Hero5. Even tough I think the new features such as image stabilization, GPS recording, waterproof without case,… are great reasons for an upgrade. But sales might show they don’t.
On the other side the announcement is huge downer for Hero5 black users. They just got their camera and hear about the next model. This announcement might hurt sales from now on.

I think GoPro had to release Hero5 for the holiday shopping season and Ambarella H2 was not available back then. The announcement of GoPro Hero6 is a surprise but they have to act. A product cycle of two years as we saw for Hero4 seems to be not possible for Hero5 due to the latest announcements.


There are some good news: Price of Hero5 also went down a few weeks ago. There were also some special deals in Germany where the cam was offered for 333 EUR (359 USD).



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