Is a GoPro Hero5 black 4K 60fps Update imminence?

Is GoPro updating their Hero5 black series, which was released only 2 month ago? There are a few indicators that might actually happen. Note that the GoPro Hero5 black 4K 60fps Upgrade would require a change in hardware and can’t be accomplished with a firmware update. The currently used Ambarella A9 processor is not capable of doing 60fps in 4K Resolution.

  • YI Technology just revealed their new YI 4K+ Action Camera. The updated version holds the latest Ambarella H2 processor enabling 4K resolution at 60fps. The current YI 4K Action Camera is equipped with an Ambarella A9 sensor, same sensor as GoPro Hero5 black.
  • MGCOOL (former known as Elephone) announced their latest Model Explorer 2. They claim to use the latest H.265 codec “like GoPro Hero 5”. This codec is not used in Hero5 black currently, as the current sensor, Ambarella A9, is not capable of h.265. It would also require H2 chip.
MGCOOL Explorer 2 uses H.265 codec

MGCOOL Explorer 2 uses H.265 codec


  • Price. The price on Amazon dropped a few days ago and there were several deals on Amazon US and DE. Also GoPro gifted every user who had to return their Karma drone a Hero5 black for free. That could be an indicator they emptied their stock.
    Update: Price seems to be back to normal again



A new GoPro Hero5 black 4K 60fps Version does not seem unrealistic. I guess it would make Hero4 black users happy, as they get better specs when upgrading to a better Hero5 version. On the other side it would be a huge downer for Hero5 black users. They just bought the “best GoPro ever” as they called it at their launch event 3 month ago. Sure they could have waited for the Ambarella H2 processor to be available, but then they would have missed the Christmas shopping season.

There is no confirmation on an upgrade / new camera at the moment. This is just speculation according to some interesting observations. Stay tuned for updates!



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