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GoPro Awards were just announced,

where they offer 5 million USD per year for content creators!

GoPro is looking for anything from cute moments with your kids to cooking, camping, surfing and snowball fights.
Amateur, professional or in between, they want to see it all.

What do they want?

They are looking for:

  • Photos: Original, unedited photo file captured with a GoPro
  • RAW clips:  Original, unedited video captured with your GoPro
  • Video edits: Video edits may include multiple clips, effects, music and more.

What the offer?

  • Photos: 500 USD
  • RAW clips:  1000 USD
  • Video edits: 5000 USD

How it works:

GoPro Awards How to

GoPro Awards – How to?

Learn more:

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