Feiyu WG has been around for a while – a compact and wearable gimbal for action cameras to get smooth shots mounted anywhere. Soon after the waterproof GoPro Hero5 black was released, Feiyu introduced the splash proof Feiyu G5 handheld gimbal to match Hero5’s new main feature. Now Feiyu extended their product line and introduces Feiyu WG2, a waterproof wearable gimbal the goes along perfectly with GoPro Hero5 to get smooth shots in wet environment.

Feiyu G5 or Feiyu WG2?

I was waiting for a wearable and waterproof gimbal as I want to be able to mount my waterproof GoPro Hero5 in wet environment. With Feiyu WG2 there is a compact solutions to do so but you can still use it handheld when mounting on a selfie stick. On the downside the batteries are smaller in capacity compared to G5 as there is less space because of the missing grip.


Feiyu WG2 Specs

Feiyu WG2 holds two exchangeable batteries. Not quite sure which type, I expect the same as Feiyu WG, two 16340 8oo mAh batteries which offered a runtime of 3-4 hours. The new version offers 360° rotation on the pan and pitch axis and 100° rotation on the roll axis. That’s another plus of the updated model as the old one was limited to 320° rotation! WG2 is compatible with GoPro Hero5 black, Hero4, Hero Session (with optional adapter plate), YI 4K and similar shaped cameras. Not sure if it will fit an action camera with underwater case at the moment. Feiyu WG2 supports a payload of up to 115g. A slide arm on the back allows it to balance various cameras easily.

Highlight feature is of course its water resistance. Feiyu WG2 is IP67 waterproof, which means up to 1 meter. Main use case won’t be underwater anyway, but this feature makes it ideal in combination with GoPro Hero5 black which is waterproof without a case for all near water activities like surfing, jetski, skiing/snowboarding,… all situations where the gimbal could get wet.

Feiyu WG2 - Waterproof & 360° Rotation

Feiyu WG2 – Waterproof & 360° Rotation


Mounting Options

On the bottom and on the backside of Feiyu WG2 is a standard 1/4″ photo tripod screw. So you can either use a variety of mounts also in combination with a GoPro mount adapter. Or you can attach it to a selfie stick and use the gimbal handheld.

Feiyu WG2 - mounting options

Feiyu WG2 – mounting options


Remote Control

You can either use Feiyu ON App or Feiyu’s remote controller to move the gimbal’s head.


Comparison Feiyu WG vs Feiyu WG2

ModelFeiyu WGFeiyu WG2
WaterproofnoIP 67
Rotation320 / 320 / 100360 / 360 / 100
Batteries2x 880 mAh exchangeable?
Remote ControlApp or ControllerApp or Controller
Mounts1/4" thread on bottom
1/4" thread on back
1/4" thread on bottom
1/4" thread on back
Price:189 USD297 USD



There are lot’s of different gimbals available for GoPro Hero5 black. A currently available gimbal that is waterproof as well is Removu S1 which can be used wearable or mounted to a grip. Similar waterproof gimbals will hit the market soon, like SLICK or Sybrillo. Of course there is also GoPro Karma grip, which is made for handheld use in the first place, but you can also apply an extension cable to be more flexible when mounting the head. On the downside Karma is not splash proof.

Here’s my overview of GoPro Hero5 gimbals.


Retailer / Price:

Feiyu WG2

  • Banggood: n/a
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Camfere: n/a
  • TomTop: 247.82 USD – Coupon Code: HTYFTWG
  • Aliexpress: 299.99 USD (official store)
Feiyu WG


Amazon Feiyu WG2


Amazon Feiyu WG

That’s all the info I could get so far, stay tuned for further updates!
Feiyu WG2 - Product Sheet

Feiyu WG2 – Product Sheet

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