I already tested Feiyu Vimble C, Feiyu’s affordable entry level gimbal which looks similar. So I wanted to see if it’s worth to pay the extra money for the higher prices Feiyu SPG. There are more versions, also a SPG-C, SPG Plus and SPG Live, I tested the one which is also referred to as Feiyu SPG (new version) and is splash proof. Anyway all of them can be used with smartphones and action cams, great if you want to be flexible and use both devices.

Feiyu SPG Specs

Feiyu SPG holds an exchangeable 3000 mAh , 3.7V battery, type 22650, which allows 8 hours of working time. In contrast to Feiyu Vimble C that’s a huge benefit, where the battery is built in. This way you can always have a spare battery with you. A micro USB port at the side of the grip supports power via power bank. Another way to extend operational time of your gimbal.

Weight & Payload
Viable C itself weights 350g, without battery and smartphone. Payload is about 240g.

Pan / Tilt / Roll – Angle
Feiyu SPG allows 360° rotation on the pan axis and 320° rotation on the other axes. That’s the second big advantage compared to Vimble C which is limited to 320° on all axes. It’s so much more convenient to have 360° rotation on the pan axis, especially when you use the gimbal with an action cam. This way the cam is facing forward while the joystick is facing you.

Feiyu SPG is splashproof another abvantage over Vimble C. You can benefit from this feature when using a splashproof smartphone or GoPro Hero5 & Hero6. You are also able to use other action cams with an underwater case when you mount them without the foam pieces – even more convenient. But it depends on the form of the case if it is held securely. You can additionally secure them with a rubber band. I tested with YI 4K and YI underwater case and it worked fine.

Buttons & Controls
The control panel provides a flat joystick to control the head. The power / mode switch button sits below. On the front there’s also a shutter button which works when using Feiyu ON App on your smartphone. I really like the trigger button on the backside. When you press it you enter locking mode (cam faces the same position). As I’m usually using follow mode that’s a convenient way to do a quick jib shot (raising you arm like a crane) which usually leads to a shift when in panning mode. Pressing this button while using the joystick activates the zoom which the app.

Shooting Modes
You can use Feiyu SPG to stabilize your phone horizontally or vertically – in portrait or landscape mode.
The gimbal will balance itself upon power up. On the backside there is a knob to adjust the weight of your phone to fine-tune balance.
Available modes are locking (same position), pan follow and pan/tilt follow.

You can mount Feiyu SPG on a tripod or any other camera gear as a 1/4″ standard photo thread is not only integrated at the bottom, also on the backside below the head. Great for compact mounting!


Feiyu SPG – Compatible Phones & Cameras

The gimbal is compatible with a huge variety of smartphones including all Apple iPhones, Huawei P9 / P9plus, Xiaomi 5 series, Samsung Note5 / S7, and other 50mm-80mm smartphones in width.

Action cameras such as GoPro Hero 5/4/3 and other action cameras of similar dimension can be used together with the EVA foam pads (included). You can also use other action cams with underwater when you don’t use the foam pads.

Special Feature
When using Feiyu ON App (available for iOS and Android) on your Smartphone you can enable some special features like face tracking. Mark your face on your screen, which will be tracked during a movement and the gimbal’s head will follow automatically. Notice the red square around the face in the image below.

Feiyu SPG - Face Tracking

Feiyu SPG – Face Tracking



If you plan to use your gimbal just occasionally, the cheaper Feiyu Vimble C will do. If you think you will use it a lot it’s definitely worth it to pay a bit more for Feiyu SPG. With the exchangeable battery you can always carry a spare battery with you and the 360 degree rotation on the pan axis makes it a lot more convenient. Being splashproof is a nice feature. Only disadvantage, compared to Zhiyun Smooth Q e.g., is that the action cams are mounted with the clamp on top and bottom. This way the shutter button on top is covered and hard to access.

Here’s a comparison of different style gimbals:

Feiyu Vimble CZhiyun Smooth QFeiyu SPG CFeiyu SPG (new version)Zhiyun Smooth 3
Feiyu Vimble C - GimbalZhiyun Smooth Q GimbalFeiyu-SPG-symbolFeiyu-SPG-symbolZhiyun-Smooth-3-symbol
Body: PlasticBody: PlasticBody: MetalBody: MetalBody: Metal
5 hr working time
12 hr working time
7 hr working time
8 hr working time
14 hr working time
Battery Type:
Battery Type:
Battery Type:
Battery Type:
Battery Type:
can be powered with power bankcan be powered with power bankcan be powered with power bankcan be powered with power bankcan be powered with power bank
n/acan power phone / cameran/an/acan power phone / camera
200g Payload220g Payload?g Payload?g Payload260g Payload
Pan / Tilt / Roll
320° / 320° / 320° rotation
Pan / Tilt / Roll
360° / 320° / 60° rotation
Pan / Tilt / Roll
360° / 320° / 320° rotation
Pan / Tilt / Roll
360° / 320° / 320° rotation
Pan / Tilt / Roll
360° / 320° / 320° rotation
not Splash-proofSplash-proofnot Splash-proofSplash-proofnot Splash-proof
Joystick, Zoom, Mode Switch, Shutter
Joystick, Zoom, Mode Switch, Shutter
Joystick, Mode Switch, Shutter, Zoom
Joystick, Mode Switch, Shutter
Joystick, Mode Switch, Camera Settings, Shutter
Face TrackingObject & Face TrackingFace TrackingFace TrackingObject & Face Tracking
1/4" thread on bottom1/4" thread on bottom1/4" thread on bottom1/4" thread on bottom &
1/4" thread on grip
1/4" thread on bottom
Price: 113 USD
Coupon Code: HTY25DFTV
Price 123 USD
Coupon Code: HTY15ZYGJ
Price: 107 USD
Coupon Code: HTY10GMB
Price: 123 USD
Coupon Code: HTY115SPG
Price: 262 USD
Coupon Code: LQP40SHGF


Retailer / Price:

  • TomTop: 123.99 USD – Coupon Code: HTY115SPG
  • Geekbuying: 199.99 USD
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon:


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