Feiyu G360 was just released, a gimbal for 360° cameras such as Nikon KeyMission 360, Samsung Gear 360 or the new Xiaomi Mijia. The design is different to most other gimbals on the market, as a counterweight is placed on the bottom of the camera. Most gimbals have a motor on the backside of the gimbal, which would be visible in a 360° video. But it also got a nice feature for conventional action cameras as it features a quick release plate. You can also mount your Smartphone with a phone bracket. in the demo video at the bottom the variety of compatible cameras is shown.

Feiyu G360 - quick release

Feiyu G360 – compatible with several types of cameras


FeiYu G360 Specs

Design & Mounting Options:
On top of the gimbal there’s a quick release plate with a standard photo tripod mount (1/4″ screw). Feiyu G360 holds cameras between 100 and 300g of weight. On the bottom you can place a counterweight, metal rings, which are included. The counterweight is needed to balance the camera’s weight, but it’s not used for balancing itself. G360 still got 3 motors for 3-axis stabilization!

Feiyu G360 has a special mode for 360° cameras which limits the joystick just for panning. As far as I understood you can also use this mode to do a panoramic shot with your smartphone and the gimbal will turn 360°.

Feiyu G360 Buttons

Feiyu G360 – Buttons


Feiyu G360 holds a 22650 Li-ion battery which allows 6 hrs operation time.

Pan / Tilt / Roll – Angle:
Tilting and Panning angle are 360°, rolling angle is 100°.

Remote Control:
I’m currently not sure if G360 works with Feiyu’s remote controller, but you can control the gimbal via smartphone app Feiyu ON.

Demo Video:


Retailer / Price Comparison:

  • Camfere: 300 USD – coupon code: FEIYUG360
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Amazon: n/a


Stay tuned as I’m collecting more infos.

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