Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera

There seems to be the first fake Xiaomi Yi action camera look alike on the market:

Fake Xiaomi Yi - They even replaced the pic from Xiaoyi's website

Fake Xiaomi Yi – They even replaced the pic from Xiaoyi’s website


The description of the Specs is very inconsistent, well let’s take a look:


Listed is the name: HuaGuo

It just says 14MP sensor, unfortunately I couldn’t find out if it is a real 14MP sensor or the images are just upscaled. (Same way other action cams are advertised). The EKEN H9 often is described as 12MP camera, but offers just a 4MP Omnivision sensor.
Most common used sensors are the 12MP Sony IMX078 used in SJ5000X Elite, SJ8000 & Firefly 6S. The other often used sensor is the 16 MP Sony IMX206 used in Xiaomi Yi and Git2.
There is a 14MP sensor from Panasonic, the MN34110PA, used in the SJ5000.
In the description there’s a point called “pixels” which states 6 MP.

Unfortunately no word on the used chipset.

172 degree fisheye wide-angle; 6G

Video resolution
This is very inconsistent:
Packaging says 4K Ultra HD
Table says max. 1080p 60 fps
Description says 2K 1440p
Hard to tell what it can do

Photo Resolution & Format:
max. 14MP .jpg

In contrast to the Xiaomi Yi action camera this one offers a 2″ LCD screen

This camera comes with a removable 900 mAh battery or 950 mAh – both values are in the description. Xiaomi Yi action camera International Version comes with a 1100 mAh Sony battery.

microSD card, up to only 32GB are supported, class 10 recommended

Connectivity & Ports
This camera offers a USB port for charging, n word on A/V output or Mic input
and a miniHDMI port, which I think is actually a microHDMI port.
The camera offers wifi for phone connection; couldn’t find out which app works with this camera.

59 x 29 x 41 mm (Xiaomi Yi is: 60 x 21 x 42 mm – about the same)

The fake xiaomi yi is also available in white or lime green:

Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera - also in white and green

Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera – also in white and green

In contrast to the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, this one comes with lots of accessories:

Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera accessories

Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera accessories



Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera - menu

Fake Xiaomi Yi action camera – menu

Well if you plan to buy a Xiaomi Yi camera – watch out!


Retailer / Price

This camera only appeared on:

You’ll finde more information on Aliexpress


REAL YI Action Camera:

Chinese Version:
It seems that the Chinese version was unlisted at almost every online store. Here are the links with the last known prices:
Banggood: 67.49 USD – Gearbest: 69.99 USD – Geekbuying: 69.99 USD
On Aliexpress it can be found from now and then: 71.95 USD

International Version:

  • Banggood: 86.99 USD
  • Gearbest: 69.99 USD (official reseller) – Coupon Code: YIAC5
  • Geekbuying: 89.99 USD (official reseller)
  • Aliexpress: 89.99 USD (official YI store)
  • Amazon (official YI store)

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