Elephone ELEcam becomes MGCOOL

MGCOOL is Elephone’s newly-established sub-brand covering intelligent wearables & mobile electronics. This includes their well-known Elephone Explorer action camera series. From now on their cameras will be branded MGCOOL. Besides that they also announced a brand new camera – the real 4K MGCOOL – Explorer 2.

This is their current lineup of action cameras (notice the new branding):

MGCOOL Explorer Pro vs Explorer Elite vs Explorer



Besides their lineup of conventional action cameras, MGCOOL also offers a real 360° action camera with 2 lenses. Here you can find my hands on review including a detailed workflow tutorial on how to upload the recorded 360° properly to YouTube.
Here’s a short video I did. Be sure to watch it within the YouTube App on your Smartphone or with Google Chrome Browser on your computer:


MGCOOL – Explorer 2

In 2017 a new camera is going to be released, which is their first real 4K action camera. MGCOOL – Explorer 2 will also hold some new features, GPS recording will be one of them. GPS recording was introduced in the latest GoPro Hero5 black, where you can display data such as speed, G-force, way-map or height. Here’s my tutorial on how to display GPS data if you want to check it out.

MGCOOL – Explorer 2 will also feature a 2″ built-in multi-touch LCD screen on the back of the camera, as seen on GoPro Hero5 black, YI 4K Action Camera or SJCAM SJ7 Star.

MGCOOL - Explorer 2 - 2" touch screen

MGCOOL – Explorer 2 – 2″ touch screen


Explorer 2 will be 30 meter waterproof inside the underwater case, currently I’m not sure if the case will feature a touch backdoor. A remote control will be included.

Not much of the other specs were made public. As said it is a real 4K action camera, 4K in 30fps are available and most likely 120fps in 1080p. I also expect it to feature electronic image stabilization, similar to its competition. It is also rumored that MGCOOL Explorer 2 uses H.265 codec (similar to GoPro Hero5 black)  which offers a better compression of the video files compared to the older H.264 codec.

UPDATE: Thanks to nutsey for pointing that out in the comments: H.265 codec is currently not used in Hero5 black, it would require a different processor like the Ambarella H2. This chip just made its debut in the new YI 4K+ Action Camera, which enables 4K at 60fps! That would mean Explorer 2 could also offer 4K resolution at 60fps. As they state “similar to Hero5 black” – will GoPro update their Hero5, which as released 3 month ago, as well?


MGCOOL Explorer2

MGCOOL Explorer2


Summarized Explorer 2 will be MGCOOL’s most advanced action camera with a big leap forward from their current lineup. Say tuned for further updates and visit their Facebook site for the latest news (MGCOOL on Facebook).



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