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Many EKEN H9 problem seem to be reported on the internet and it appears always the same questions pop up. This is a FAQ of some EKEN H9 problems you might discover. Check out this Facebook group, in the file section you will find the latest firmware including manual:

 EKEN H9 User Group – File Section


EKEN H9 Problem FAQ


 Fake vs Original EKEN

The following information is from EKEN:

  • Any firmware model with “icam” name in it, is not EKEN
  • Any firmware between September 2015 – August 2016 that do not have two letters after the version dates is not from EKEN. EKEN firmware should say, for example: 160627LY. (Letters vary from LY, LJ, SY, SJ, and etc.) The numbers represent year/month/date, and letters represent screen/lens type.
  • Firmware 160712LY is not from EKEN.
  • Check camera batteries; all genuine EKEN cameras produced after January 2016 should come with batteries with rounded corners.


Firmware Naming System:

The very old naming system starting with 150… didn’t have letters at the end.

This system was followed by putting letters at the end of the version Sept 2015 – August 2016 (see picture left)

The latest naming system (see picture right) has 3 lines and is used since August 2016. The EK (STD_EKBTR in the second line) stands for EKEN.


Firmware Naming System left: Sept. 2015 – August 2016 // right: after August 2016


Batteries & Housing:

New, original EKEN cameras produced after January 2016 have rounded batteries & a round underwater housing:

New EKEN batteries

New EKEN batteries

New EKEN underwater case

New EKEN underwater case


 Where to get Original EKEN cameras?

Currently EKEN recommends to buy via Amazon, as this is their official sales channel. These are the official EKEN stores on the various local Amazon websites:


Seller on Aliexpress:

this is the offer for original EKEN H9 – this is the offer for H9 camera – there is a difference!
The EKEN H8 Pro offer on Gearbest is confirmed to be original EKEN camera.

is selling an “EKEN H9” and the picture looks like the latest version with rounded case & rounded batteries. Users reported an original camera was sent. There is a second offer for an EKEN H9 without 720p, which referred to the H9se.
The EKEN H8 Pro offer on Banggood is confirmed to be original EKEN camera.


 4K & 1080p 60fps not possible

EKEN H9 problem - 4K and 1080p 60fps not available

EKEN H9 – 4K and 1080p 60fps not available

EKEN H9 doesn’t show 4K and 1080p 60fps resolution options

Please make sure to use a microSD card that is class 10 / U1 speed. Most EKEN cameras are compatible with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. Anything above 32GB needs to be formatted to FAT32. Also, make sure video looping is disabled to access higher resolutions.

Also check if you might got a fake card stating a higher writing speed. Here’s a software for PC where you can check the speed.


720p 120fps not possible

EKEN H9 problem - 720p 120fps not available

EKEN H9 720p 120fps not available

EKEN H9 doesn’t show 720p 120fps resolution/framerate setting

This option was skipped for some Firmware versions. Get the latest Firmware (H9se doesn’t have 720p 120 fps). As mentioned at the beginning, check the Facebook group for the latest files.


 EKEN H9 Types

EKEN H9 vs EKEN H9se

EKEN H9 vs EKEN H9se


There are several versions of EKEN H9 camera:

Two types of EKEN H9 cameras itself are available, which differ because of different screens used – take a look at Firmware!

which includes a remote control. EKEN H9 can’t be upgraded to H9R with firmware. The versions are different, don’t use H9R for H9!

EKEN H9se:
which is cheaper as it has cheaper parts, see graphic above! EKEN H9se requires a different firmware and doesn’t have 720p 120fps! You can’t upgrade a H9se to a H9!

which is a renamed version of EKEN H2se

EKEN H9 Pro:
this model was announced, but not launched yet.

EKEN H9 Plus:
which is different to EKEN H9+! EKEN H9 Plus was announced, but not launched yet.


Latest Firmware?

Be aware there are several types of EKEN H9 cameras (they have a different screen), and you have to select the right firmware for the type of camera you have! There are also different variants: H9R with remote, H9se & H9+ with cheaper parts – they use different firmware this is just for H9!!!!


H9 screen type 1 Version: 150826, 150910, 150910SJ, 150928, 150928SJ, 151005, 151005SJ, 151009, 151103, 151103SJ, 151128, 151128SJ, 151204, 151208, 151208SJ, 151229, 151229SJ, 160108, 160108SJ, 160421SY, 160701SY

Latest firmware to update versions mentioned above: 160701SY – Download from EKEN

H9 screen type 2 Versions: 150911, 150911RJ, 150914, 150914LY, 151010, 151015, 151127, 151207, 151228LY, 151230, 160106, 160108, 160108LY, 160222, 160304, 160309LY, 160309LY(4k25), 160326, 160421LY, 160627LY, 160827LY

Latest firmware to update versions mentioned above: 160827LY – Download from EKEN

H9 type type EKXTR version:

Latest firmware to update versions mentioned above: 160926-XTR – Download from EKEN



I don’t have historic data for EKEN H9R. Here are the links EKEN provides:


H9SE Special Edition


H9+ (Renamed H2se)


Video Tutorial from EKEN



EKEN H9 problem - WIFI NG

EKEN H9 – WIFI NG problem

Display shows WIFI NG! and there is no wifi connection

The problem is firmware related, try another firmware or restore the camera. Files are here


 Real 4K?

Does EKEN H9 record real 4K?

No. It has a 4MP sensor – 4K equals 8MP. The image is interpolated. EKEN’s first native, real 4K camera is the EKEN H8 Pro.



Can I use EKEN H9 as a webcam?

Yes, remove the SD card and connect it with your computer via cable.


 Overwrites Videos

My camera overwrites earlier recorded videos

Make sure to turn off “looping video”, and use a class10 micro SD card that is format to FAT32. Any capacity above 32GB will need to be formatted to FAT32. The format exFAT does not work!



The battery drains fast, recording times are very short

There are two types: rounded batteries (new) – not rounded (old)  batteries. The rounded, new batteries have better performance. The older was drained out fast. The older ones are the same size as SJ4000 series batteries. Get some of them instead. Attention, they don’t fit in the new rounded slots!


 colored stripes

Camera shows colored stripes on the screen / footage

Your camera is faulty (I guess connections/wiring), contact the reseller to get a replacement.


10 Minute Recording

EKEN H9 only records 10 minute videos

The limitation is set at 10 minutes for all our EKEN camera, because file sizes above 10 minutes may exceed 4GB, and the microSD format FAT32 only supports up to 4GB files. You can stitch the videos together in post edit.


 white screen

Camera shows a white screen after updating the firmware

A white screen usually means the wrong firmware was installed.

Dave wrote an excellent instruction in the mentioned EKEN H9 Facebook Group – “white screen solver” Please check it out.


 black or blue screen

EKEN H9 doesn’t power up anymore and has a black screen or only shows a blue light on the screen

Dave wrote an excellent instruction. Flow these steps:

Files you need to download and unpack before starting with step 1: 

Recovery + short manual 

White screen solver 


Step 1 

You have to disable driver enforcement or driver certification before continuing to step 2. If you have windows XP you are lucky and can skip this step.

Step 2 

Remove your SD-card and the battery from the camera.

Step 3 

From the downloaded and unpacked recovery file, Install the driver SPCA6350 from directory 1

Step 4 

Open the program FRM from directory 2 and click OK because you get a message USB device not connected.

Step 5 

Connect your camera to the PC, while holding the “UP” button on the side of the camera. Watch in the right corner in the windows task bar, if the driver loads correctly. (if you missed it don’t worry and continue to step 6), let go of the up button.

Step 6 

Press F5 and watch what happens. If FRM says programming and there is a little progress wait till the message pops up and says “ ISP Finished”. After that disconnect the camera from your PC.

If you are getting the message “Check ISP Core ERROR!” the driver has not loaded correctly, You can check this also in device manager in windows. If the camera is connected as “Generic USB device” you have to manually update that driver to the SPCA6350. Right click on the camera and choose update driver, then choose search my computer (automaticly will not work) and search for the SPCA6350 driver. After installed it correct go back to step 4

Step 7 

If all steps were followed successfully you are now ready to check if it worked. Put the battery in the camera and turn the camera on without SD-card. If It works congratulations, if you have a white screen, turn the camera off put the unpacked file “SPHOST.brn” from white screen solver on an empty SD-Card put it in the camera and just turn your camera on. Wait till it goes off automaticly. Remove the SD-card format it on the PC and turn your camera on.

If all steps are followed carefully, then your camera must work like normal again.


 Which is the latest EKEN camera?

EKEN recently released the H8 Pro, their first native 4K action camera. Find the overview here: EKEN H8 Pro Overview.


If you discovered any other EKEN H9 problem, please leave a comment:

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