In the comments of my “hottest action cameras for christmas” post I was asked why I didn’t take a look at the Dazzne P3 action camera. So I took a closer look and want to give you a short overview until I can test this camera in person.

Dazzne P3 Specs:

Image Sensor:
The camera features the 16 MP Panasonic MN34120 sensor. That’s the same sensor used in the SJCAM SJ5000+. Most other cameras now use Sony sensors and even SJCAM turned to Sony for their latest SJ5000X Elite model. 16 MP (but from Sony) are also offered in the Xiaomi Yi and GitUp Git2.

Dazzne P3 Sensor: 16 MP Panasonic MN34120

Dazzne P3 Sensor: 16 MP Panasonic MN34120


An Ambarella A7 chip is used for the Dazzne P3, that’s the same chipset used in Xiaomi Yi & SJCAM SJ5000+. The GoPro hero 4 black uses the updated Ambarella A9 chip, most of the other action cams come with a Novatek 96660 chip.

The Dazzne P3 offers 170° wide angle which is the same for most action cameras currently.
Aperture of the lens is f2.8 ans has an integrated IR filter.

Video Resolution & Frame Rate:

  • 4K – n/a
  • 2K – n/a
  • 1080p – max. 60fps
  • 720p – max. 120fps

Dazzne P3 seems a bit disappointing in terms of available resolutions, most other newer action cams offer 2K and even 4K with decent frame rates. On the other hand you have to think of the fact: Do you really need 4K? Do you have a 4K screen? Or is it good to tape your adventures in 4K for future viewing as TVs and screens will have 4K.

Recording Format:
The videos are recorded in .mov files with .h264 codec.

Photo Resolution & Format:
Image resolution up to 16 MP (4608 x 3456) is available; .jpg Format

Dazzne P3 offers a 2″ live view LCD display, same size as the SJ5000X Elite or SJ5000+.

A detachable 950 mAh battery is used, same capacity as Git2, the Firefly 6S offers the highest capacity (1600mAh).
Noticeable fact: 2 batteries are included with the P3.

Dazzne P3 Battery

Dazzne P3 Battery


MicroSD cards up to 64GB are supported, class 10 is recommended.

Connectivity & Ports:
The camera offers wifi for wireless remote via iOS or Android App,
a miniUSB port for charging, A/V output and Microphone input (only few action cams offer that: Git2, GoPro).
and a microHDMI port for HD video output.

Dazzne P3 ports

Dazzne P3 ports


Dimension & Weight:
60 x 28 x 45 cm;
94g (with batteries)

Accessories included:
The Dazzne P3 doesn’t come with that many accessories included as for instance Git2, SJCAMs or EKEN.
The set includes: 2 batteries, underwater case, curved and flat adhesive mounts, base plate & 90° adapters. The mounts are compatible with GoPro mounts.

Dazzne P3 Accessories

Dazzne P3 Accessories


Retailer/Price Comparison:

Prices checked during writing of this post, click on the price to see the current one.
Find the current price and deals on my comparison page: camera comparison


The Dazzne P3 seems to be in the price range of SJ5000X Elite, Git2 and Firefly 6S. Whereas these cameras offer 4K resolution at 24fps the Dazzne P3 can “only” record up to 1080p with 60fps. It also does not offer built-in gyro for image stabilization like the cameras mentioned before. I didn’t really figure out the key feature for this camera which makes it special compared to the others. I hope I can test it soon and give you some feedback.

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