All about GitUp cameras

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GitUp just launched GitUp F1 4K - their first real 4K action camera, alongside G3 Duo. F1 has an aerodynamic design and features image stabilisation.

GitUp is preparing the launch of G3 Duo (Git3) camera. The successor of the popular Git2 will feature a 2" touch screen, GPS recording and a 1080p+1080p...

Zhiyun Rider-M is a gimbal compatible with most action cameras including GoPro Hero5, YI 4K Action Camera,... It also features wireless remote via app!

The Git2 has a 16MP sensor (same as Xiaomi Yi) and records 4K resolution up to 24fps and 1080p up to 60fps and has a built in gyro for image stabilization. In...

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In this post I want to give an overview of the action cameras currently available. I tested some of them where you will find a link to the more detailed review.

I was looking for microSD cards, so I put together a comparison of several models, writing & reading speeds as well as a price comparison.

Action Cam comparison of the hottest current cameras on the market

The new firmware 1.20 for Git1 was released today Great to see that 720p with 60fps is now supported! The firmware is available via GitUp’s...