Win a brand new EKEN H9 or MGCOOL Explorer - the one you like better. Here's a comparison:

EKEN V8s is their first action camera to feature image stabilization in real 4K video resolution at 30 fps. It features a 14 MP sensor and Ambarella chip.

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EKEN H9 vs EKEN H8 vs EKEN H8 Pro vs EKEN H8 Plus - Spec comparison

I’ve been at IFA (consumer electronic fair) in Berlin and my friend Matthias, founder of the blog “How to become a Rockstar Photographer” travelled to Photokina...

EKEN H8 Pro is EKEN's first action camera offering real, native 4K video resolution with 30fps (1080p - 120 fps).

EKEN is entering the 360° video market with 4 models: H360, R360, K360 & G360

EKEN H8 is capable of shooting 4K resolution at 30fps! It seems to be a successor or top-of-the line product compared to the popular EKEN H9.

Did you discover an EKEN H9 problem? These FAQs will help you to resolve them:

The EKEN H9R comes with a water resistant remote control that works up to 15m.