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The 360° video trend continues with the release of Xiaomi 360° camera holding a Sony IMX206 sensor and Ambarealla A12 chip. The cam will feature EIS.

YI just announced it’s first 360° camera: YI 360 VR! 2016 marked already the start of 360° action camera with the release of Samsung Gear360 and Nikon...

GoPro announced a 360° camera - GoPro Fusion - that captures videos in 5.2K resolution at 30 fps. Fusion will also take fully spherical photos.

Feiyu G360 gimbal is not only designed for 360° cameras. It can also be used for conventional action cameras and has a quick release plate for them!

Samsung updated their Gear 360° camera, the difference in naming is the added year, so the new camera is called Samsung Gear 360 (2017). Compared to the...

Elephone ELEcam 360 is a 360° action camera featuring two lenses to create a 360° video, similar to the recently introduced Nikon KeyMission 360 and Samsung...

EKEN is entering the 360° video market with 4 models: H360, R360, K360 & G360

The AMKOV AMK200S seems to be an affordable entry level camera to shoot 360° videos as it has two lenses for a full panoramic video.

360° cameras and videos are getting popular. After Nikon and Elephone the Samsung Gear 360, another action camera with 2 lenses, hits the market.

The AMKOV AMK100S is an affordable entry level camera to shoot 360° videos without the hassle of stitching the footage of several cameras.