How to get the best Black Friday Deals
for Action Cams, Gimbals & Drones

This year I tried to give you a better overview by rating the best & most popular products per category, the ones I can highly recommend after testing. As well as a price comparison so you know which retailer offers the lowest price without doing hours of research:

Shop Infos

Some Black Friday infos on the several retailers:

Amazon offers a lot of Action Cameras and accessories in their “Cyber Week”, Monday to Thursday before Black Friday. It’s pretty hard to estimate which products will be on sale and tricky for you to get the product you want, as there are Daily Deals. So you have to check more often for updates!

Aliexpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba group, and the business to customer trade platform. Similar to Amazon Marketplace there are individual retailers on the platform. Some of them are manufacturers themselves, so YI Technology or SJCAM have an official store on Aliexpress. The good thing about Aliexpress is, that most deals are already stated in advance, so no last minute price surprises, but you have to order on Friday in most cases!

Gearbest, Banggood, Geekbuying, TomTop,… are retailers themselves who sell directly. Aside their Chinese Warehouse they also have Warehouses in the US or EU. Shipments from a EU warehouse within the EU are already customs cleared – so no tax & customs payments! Their deals usually start on Wednesday before Black Friday without limiting them just to buy on Friday. As most of the deals are limited to certain amounts, don’t wait for the last minute (or Friday). They won’t get much cheaper, but maybe are should out already.

One thing is for sure, you probably won’t get any of these low prices any time soon. E.g. Xiaomi Mijia action camera wasn’t offered for a lower price since Black Friday 2017 and the closest price was seen again in June 2018!


Action Cameras

The best Action Camera you can get is GoPro Hero7 black. It offers the most features compared to any other action camera & delivers superb audio quality. Do yo need to upgrade from Hero6 black? The new features are: EIS (electronic image stabilization) in 4K with 60fps, improved EIS (called Supersmooth) & Facebook Livestreaming. The rest is the same.
What about Hero7 silver & Hero7 white? I was quite surprised as I think Hero5 black is better than silver and Hero (2018) is better than 7 white – for even a lower price! Check out my comparison: GoPro Hero7 series vs Hero6 & Hero5.

Since the camera is new there are no significant Black Friday Deals, the only benefit from ordering now is to get a free microSD card! If there is a significant deal, I’ll add it!

My GoPro Tips:

Hero5 black: $202.99 (similar price but better than Hero7 silver: $199.00)

Hero (2018): $174.99 (cheaper and better than Hero7 white: $159.00)


besides that the current GoPro Hero7 black prices:

GoPro Hero7 black

GoPro Hero7 black


Don’t want to spend that much on an Action Camera? The next best action cameras are a lot cheaper. They feature 4K 60fps, EIS with 4K 30fps and an even larger touchscreen than GoPro. I think SJCAM SJ8 Pro is a bit better than YI 4K+ since EIS (electronic image stabilization) is a bit better as SJ8 Pro is using a 6-axis sensor while YI 4K+ is only using a 3-axis sensor. The other SJ8 series models also only share the name but are way inferior. Check out my SJ8 series comparison review & video.



YI 4K+

(Banggood & Gearbest don’t sell Yi cameras!)


Action Cameras for around 100 USD

Still too much money for an action camera? Let’s take a look at cameras for around 100 USD: YI 4K, Xiaomi Mijia and Firefly 8SE (or Firefly 8S). Check out my video where I compared them with GoPro Hero5 black.
I think Xiaomi Mijia is probably the best Action Camera in terms of price/performance ratio and the one I recommend the most if someone is looking for an inexpensive action camera. All of them (including Hero5) feature 4K recording, EIS is limited to HD, but check out the video for details. YI 4K is a bit better as the Firmware is better developed and Firefly 8SE offers better image stabilization (but the prices are higher).

Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera



* some timed deals lower the price to 99 USD – the lowest price I’ve ever seen for YI 4K!


Firefly 8SE (SE model features a touchscreen)


Action Cameras for around 50 USD

If you don’t need 4K and wand to save a bit more there are 3 HD cameras I recommend: YI Discover, EKEN H9 and the original YI camera. You can get them for around 50 USD. While Yi Discover offers a touch screen, EKEN H9 only offers a Live view screen while the original YI has no screen, but the best sensor for the highest resolution photos among those three. Non of them offers 4K, if it is stated it refers to interpolated 4K (not real) or a very low frame rate.

Yi Discovery

(Gearbest & Banggood don’t sell Yi Cameras)


YI action camera (Xiaomi Yi)

(Banggood & Gearbest don’t sell Yi Cameras)



When shopping for gimbals it depends for which kind of camera you want to use it. For Action Camera & Smartphone or just an Action Camera? Or even top it of with a gimbal you can use for your mirrorless camera / DSLR as well?

Smartphone Gimbals

In this section I have two gimbals to recommend as they are a bit different. Feiyu Vimble 2 on one hand, which offers an integrated selfie stick (and a lower price) – or DJI Osmo mobile 2 which offers the better app. I suggest to check out my reviews and look at them in detail which one fits you best. You can fit both of them with an adapter that holds an action camera.

Feiyu Vimble 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2


Action Camera Gimbal

In this category I have a clear winner. Almost every action camera manufacturer offers a handheld gimbal for their camera: SJCAM Gimbal 2, Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal, YI Handheld Gimbal,… But I prefer a wearable solution so I can mount my camera as well. Plus it has the option to do motion time-lapses. If I want to use it handheld I can still attach a selfie stick to it. I’m talking about the waterproof Feiyu WG2. Check the review which cameras work with this gimbal.

Feiyu WG 2


Mirrorless Camera / DSLR & Action Camera & Smartphone

Looking for a gimbal that fits all of you cameras? Feiyu just released Feiyu G6 Plus.

Feiyu G6 Plus



When it comes to drones you should consider – do you want a toy to play around or a serious video drone. I don’t want you to pay a lot of money for a drone not being satisfied afterwards. So the first category is basically toys. You can get some decent photos and videos, but not in terms of video shooting.


Toy Drones

Check out my detailed Review Comparison of Xiaomi Mitu, Firefly Dr.X & DJI Tello. They are fun to fly around & great for some snapshots. Xiaomi Mitu is inexpensive for fun flying. If you want a bit more decent photos, it’s worth to upgrade to DJI Tello, which got an amazing price tag this Black Friday!

Xiaomi Mitu

Xiaomi Mitu Drone

DJI Tello

DJI Ryze Tello Drone


Video Drones

If you consider to shoot videos, you need to spend some more money. DJI Spark is a great drone I really enjoyed flying. Don’t be scared off as it “just offers HD” the video quality is amazing! Better than many 4K action cameras! This Black Friday it is available for 359 USD from DJI – including remote! – the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this bundle. Another interesting drone was released recently. The FIMI A3. It is from the same manufacturer as the Xiaomi 4K drone. A3 is way heavier than Spark, but this supports flight time! Check out my Comparison Xiaomi FIMI A3 vs DJI Spark. Since shipping just started, I had no chance to test it so far!

DJI Spark

DJI Spark

  • DJI Store: 359 USD (including remote controller)
  • Gearbest: 439 USD (including remote controller)
  • Amazon US: $399.00 (including remote controller)

Info for European Buyers:
The DJI doesn’t offer the remote bundle deal in Europe! These are your options:

  • DJI Store: 499 EUR (including remote controller – regular price)
  • DJI Store: 439 EUR (Black Friday Deal without remote)
  • DJI Store: 539 EUR (Black Friday Deal – Fly More Combo)
  • Gearbest: 390 EUR (including remote controller)
  • Amazon DE: EUR 483,94 (including remote controller)


Xiaomi FIMI A3

Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone with remote controller

Gearbest: 268 USD

Banggood: 279 USD
(Banggood is first to ship this drone!)


4K Video Drones

DJI Mavic Air is currently my favourite drone. It is super light and compact for travelling and offers 4K video. I think in terms of video it is better than the first DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Platinum. Hence these two have better flight performance. There are some great deals for Mavic Air this Black Friday! If you still want Mavic 1st generation, or Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom – Check out DJI’s Black Friday Website for these offers.
Another option 4K option at a way lower price point is Xiaomi 4K drone. But compared to Mavic Air it’s super huge. If you are not travelling, it might be interesting.

DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

Xiaomi 4K Drone

Xiaomi 4K Drone


One more thing

E-Scooters are fast gaining popularity around the world so I decided to compare the 2 most popular ones in my new blog section – the Xiaomi M365 Scooter and the Ninebot by Segway ES2. Read the full Comparison Review here. Black Friday marks the lowest price so far for Xiaomi M365, that’s why I want to mention it:

Xiaomi M365 e-Scooter


  • Amazon: $499.00
  • Gearbest:
  • Banggood:
    • Int. Version – USD 365.99  – EU tax included!
    • EU Version – USD 449.99
  • Aliexpress: USD 375.00
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