After the release of the AMK100S – here’s my review – a newer model was released: the Amkov AMK200S 360° camera. The AMK100 is branded 360° camera, which is true when only considering one axis, but the AMK200 is a true 360° camera, as it has two lenses:

AMKOV AMK200S has two lenses

AMKOV AMK200S has two lenses


Here’s my demo video of the AMK100. Make sure to play it within the YouTube app on your smartphone or within Google Chrome on your PC/Mac. You can look around, now with the AMK200s you won’t see any block spots!



Image Sensor: 
AMKOV AMK200S uses 2x 5.0 MP sensors, one for each lens.

The camera holds a Sunplus 6350 chipset, same chip is used in the EKEN H8 and H9.

Resolution Frame Rates:

1920 x 960P – 30fps

Now that’s whats puzzling me currently. Is it per lens? It is a 2:1 resolution, so for with lenses a square image – would make sens. But why just 1920×960 per lens. The AMK100S is capable of 1920×1440. I have to do more research on this topic.

Video Format:
.mov video format; .h264 codec

Photo resolution
Similar to video resolutions the settings on their website show 3008 x 1504, which is lower than the AMK100S!?

The AMOV AMK200S has two 220° fish-eye lenses; f2.0 aperture; f=1.1mm focal length.

Connectivity & Ports:
Wifi is built in to connect with the SYMAX360 app (Android & iOS)
It also offers a microUSB port, but in contrast to the AMK100S no microHMDI port.

microSD card, 8 – 32 GB cards are supported, class 10 recommended.

The AMOV AMK200S has a small 0.96″ display to check settings of the camera – no live view.

In contrast to the AMK100S, the AMK200S has a built in battery, but it is larger with 1500 mAh capacity.

Amkov AMK200S: 60 x 49.4 x 32.7 mm; 104g (with battery)
Amkov AMK100S: 51 x 42 x 36 mm; 84g (with battery)
so the proportions changed a bit because of the two lens design.


AMOV AMK200S - Accessories

AMOV AMK200S – Accessories

I’m not quite sure which accessories come with the AMKOV AMK200S. Seems to bi a handle bar and a 1/4″ to GoPro connector. Would be interesting if an underwater case is included. The AMK100S came with a huge pack of accessories, even a bag was included.

Retailer / Price Comparison:

Amkov AMK200S



How to connect:

Press the wifi key on the camera to activate wifi. Open up the SYMAX360 app on you smartphone and look for the wifi: P3600_xxxxx

The wifi password is displayed on the camera’s LCD screen, standard password is: 1234567890

Remote Control

There is also a remote control available for the camera. With the remote control you can power on /off the camera and start/stop video recording and take photos. Working range is about 30m. The new remote control looks a bit different than the ones already sold with AMKOV cameras:

AMKOV AMK200S - remote control

AMKOV AMK200S – remote control


Body, Buttons & Ports

AMKOV AMK20S - Body, Buttons & Ports

AMKOV AMK20S – Body, Buttons & Ports


Due to the design of the camera with two lenses, the buttons & ports have changed. (Compared to the AMK100S). The LCD screen and buttons are located on top of the camera. On the button you will find a 1/4″ standard photo tripod thread. That is very convenient for mount. I always wonder why only so few action cameras have that integrated into the body. On the side of the camera is an opening for the microSD card and the microUSB port. As mentions, the AMK200S doesn’t have a microHDMI port.

Functions & Settings

The camera has 2 main modes which you can switched using the power/mode button: video recording mode and photo mode. It appears that driving mode (loop recording) was skipped with the AMK200S.

Video Mode:
In video mode a camera symbol is displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD display. You can start/stop recording with the shutter button and the red LED indicator light is flashing

Photo Mode:
The photo mode is indicated with a small folder icon labelled “P”; the counter indicates how many pictures you can take until the SD card is full

Menu Settings:
Long-press the wifi button to enter the camera’s settings.
– Power Save: 1/3/5 min or off
– Date & Time Setting
– Factory Reset
– System Information
– Format SD card.



I really like my AMK100S, it’s fun to watch the videos and move around. The only thing that I was not satisfied with was the fact that it is not a full 360° video. I’m very much looking forward to testing this camera. It’s a cheap entry level 360° camera to play around and to get used to these kind of videos as it changes the way of shooting. The 360° trend is catching up, the similar looking Nikon KeyMission will be available soon. Samsung Gear360 and the Elephone ELEcam 360 were already released.

I hope I can review this camera soon. When done so I will included a detailed 360° workflow in this article, if there are any changes to the workflow of the AMK100S described here.

Here you can find my overview of 360° cameras.

Retailer / Price Comparison:

Amkov AMK200S



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