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Zhiyun just launched Smooth Q gimbal for smartphone and action camera, priced 139 USD! Q weights 450g, allows 360° rotation and can power your phone/cam.

Zhiyun Rider-M is a gimbal compatible with most action cameras including GoPro Hero5, YI 4K Action Camera,... It also features wireless remote via app!

The Zhiyun Z1-Evolution is a handheld gimbal which allows smooth and steady shots which your action camera. It's compatible with almost every action camera. (GoPro shaped)

Smooth and non-shaky videos are much more comfortable to watch. In this article I want to focus on mechanical GoPro Stabilizer solving that problem.

In this post I want to give an overview of the action cameras currently available. I tested some of them where you will find a link to the more detailed review.

Many Xiaomi Yi users were asking for a LCD screen, now 3rd party LCD backpacks - similar to the GoPro backpack - are now available. Here's my review:

I was looking for microSD cards, so I put together a comparison of several models, writing & reading speeds as well as a price comparison.

Many accessories for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera are available, original ones and 3rd party products. Find a complete list of all available accessories in this blog post!

This blog is about action cameras, so why do I write about Scooter? First: I always wanted something like this: A Segway with a Steadicam. I always thought that’s a great combination as you can move faster and smoother than running. Now with the Xiaomi Scooter you’ve got a cheaper alternative. Add the Xiaomi Yi...

I’ve been asked about mounts for water sports: swimming, diving, scuba diving. So I got myself some mounts and tested them. These products are made from neoprene so you can use them for water sports, but of course you are not limited to it. In this post I’ll give a review, show some mounting options and the results that...