How to get the best Action Camera Deals

Single’s Day (11.11.), Black Friday (24.11) & Cyber Monday (27.11.)



Black Friday sales started! It’s already Friday in China 😉

My Tipp: Don’t wait for the last second, many deals are limited to certain quantities and active even before Black Friday. If the deal is attractive (like Xiaomi Mijia for 85$) get it instead of waiting for a new lowest price which might be 1-2$ cheaper. If the codes are not active anymore, there won’t be further soon.


Amazon Deals

Amazon US – Flash Sales // Amazon DE – Blitzangebote:

Amazon US

YI 4K – ongoing – 149 USD (if not displayed correctly below)

GoPro Hero6 or Hero5 with 50$ Gift Card


Amazon DE

YI 4K+  – 224 EUR – Coupon Code: XZ5QV6VP

YI 4K – 134 EUR – Coupon Code: JJIPY3J2

GoPro Hero5 – 359 EUR – incl. 3-way und 2. Batterie


Deals per Brand:


Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic

  • DJI Store:
  • TomTop:
  • Gearbest:
    • Drone: 859 USD // 734 EUR – Coupon Code: HalloweenDJI
    • Fly More: 1039 USD // 881 EUR – coupon code: HKMavicC
    • (worldwide free shipping / no taxes with “Germany Express” shipment)



DJI Spark

  • DJI Store:
  • TomTop:
    • Drone: 499 USD // 429 EUR
    • Fly More Combo:
    • (worldwide free shipping / no additional customs & tax in EU!)
  • Gearbest:
    • Drone: 435 USD // 371 EUR – Coupon Code: SparkMS45
    • Fly More Combo: 609 USD // 518 EUR
    • (worldwide free shipping / no taxes with “Germany Express” shipment)
  • Banggood:
  • Amazon:








SPG (new version)



Hawkeye Firefly

Firefly 8S – 170° Lens Version

Firefly 8S – 90° Lens Version

  • Banggood: 119.99 USD
  • Gearbest: 85.11 USD – Coupon Code: 1111GB8S190DL
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • TomTop: 130.99 USD – Coupon Code: HTYHF8S
  • Aliexpress: n/a



SJ7 Star

SJ6 Legend


Thieye T5

  • Banggood: 98.99 USD
  • Gearbest: 79.99 USD – Coupon Code: GBT5e1123 (starts 23.11. 16:00)
  • Geekbuying: 98.99 USD (EU stock available)
  • Aliexpress: n/a




Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera

Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal:

  • Gearbest: 89.99 USD – Coupon Code: GBXMHG1123
    • starting 23.11. 16:00 UTC – 50pcs limit
  • Banggood: 116.95 USD

Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera

Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone

Mi Drone 4K

  • Banggood: 359 USD – (309 USD – HD version)
  • Gearbest: 369 USD – Coupon Code: GB11.11Deal24
  • TomTop: 549 USD


Yi Technology

YI 4K Action Camera

  • Aliexpress (official YI store): 159.45 USD – Starting Nov. 24
  • Geekbuying: 163.99 USD – Coupon Code: GEEKBUYING
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon US: $149.99
  • Amazon DE: EUR 199,99 oder  134 EUR mit Coupon Code: JJIPY3J2

YI 4K+ Action Camera

  • Aliexpress (official YI store): 269.00 USD  – starting Nov. 24
  • Geekbuying: 269.99 USD – Coupon Code: GEEKBUY20
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon US: $299.99 limited 229 USD Promotion!
  • Amazon DE: EUR 299,00 oder  224 EUR mit Coupon Code: XZ5QV6VP

YI Lite Action Camera

  • Aliexpress (official YI store): 79.99 USD  – starting Nov. 24
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon US: $99.99 – limited 79 USD Promotion!
  • Amazon DE: EUR 129,99  oder 89 EUR mit Coupon: R4S3N7C7 (inkl. Gehäuse!)

Original YI Action Camera

  • Aliexpress (official YI store):59.99 USD  – already active!
  • Geekbuying: 63.99 USD – Coupon Code: GEEKBUYING
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon US: $47.99
  • Amazon DE: EUR 77,00

YI Gimbal


  • Aliexpress (official YI store): 99.99 USD  – starting Nov. 24
  • Geekbuying: n/a
  • Gearbest: n/a
  • Banggood: n/a
  • Amazon US: $161.49
  • Amazon DE: EUR 209,00


Zhiyun Tech

Zhiyun Smooth Q


 See All Gearbest Deals



Samsung EVO+ (U3)



SanDisk Ultra 64 GB (U1)

SanDisk Ultra 64


Other Accessories


Shop Infos

Shopping season is about to start and here’s a guide where and when you can get the best deals for action cameras and accessories. Besides famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you should watch out for Nov. 11th – Single’s Day – which became the biggest shopping day all around the world! Prices on Chinese websites are often even cheaper than on Black Friday. It’s also more secure to get shipping in time for Christmas. These are the dates to watch out for:

  • 11.11.2017 – Single’s Day or Guanggun Jie
  • 24.11.2017 – Black Friday
  • 27.11.2017 – Cyber Monday
  • 20.-27.11.2017 – Amazon Cyberweek

But don’t stick to these dates. Some retailers already started their sales earlier. Since the prices for 11.11. sales on Aliexpress are published so you can already compare the deals. Since every retailer has a different way of publishing deals, here’s an overview:

Amazon offers a lot of Action Cameras and accessories in their “Cyber Week”. These Lightning Deals (in German: Blitzangebote) are only available for a limited time and are announced a day in advance, but not the price. So it’s pretty hard to estimate which products will be on sale and tricky for you to get the product you want. I will list all relevant deals and times for & – the final price remains unknown until the deal starts!

Aliexpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba group, and the business to customer trade platform. Similar to Amazon Marketplace there are individual retailers on the platform. Some of them are manufacturers themselves, so YI Technology or SJCAM have an official store on Aliexpress. Single’s day, the 11th of November, is a big deal on Aliexpress and prices are often way cheaper than on any other day (incl. Black Friday)! So if there’s a deal on Aliexpress on 11.11. the chances are low the prices will decrease further. The good thing about Aliexpress is, that most deals are already stated in advance, so no last minute price surprises.

Gearbest, Banggood, Geekbuying, TomTop,… are retailers themselves who sell directly. Aside their Chinese Warehouse they also have Warehouses in the US or EU. Shipments from a EU warehouse within the EU are already customs cleared – so no tax & customs payments! Many of these Deals require a coupon code which can be found below. So the prices on those dates might be lower. Compare them on those dates to get the best deal.

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